Shipload of Stress Discharge

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Thanks guys, Busy weeks lately... so it was great to play on these two chords and great grooving! So i added a bunch of layers over it and couldn't resist to do a little sololead over it too.... sorry bout that... but is was a Shipload of Stress Discharge for me! So, thanks again,


Some gtr is missing?!? :)
Don’t be sorry about your soloing my friend
December 19 2018 22:30:06
Marceys Cool grt arrived and added a shipload of coolness to it! Sleep well! 😉 +0
Grooving :Y+1
December 19 2018 22:30:28
Marceys Enjoyed it! +1
Sounds great Marc :)+1
December 19 2018 22:31:14
Marceys Thanks, enjoyed it! +1
Feeling that stress just dissipate... nice one Marc! <3:)+1
December 19 2018 22:32:02
Marceys Making music really helps getting unstressed! It does to me! :) :) :) +1
Haha! Such a great title - hits the point. Hope Martin feels better now. I do! :D+1
December 19 2018 22:32:48
Marceys Glad it gave you a more unstressed feeling, that was doing it for me too! :) +0
You tale template foundations and create music Magic!!!! Excellent, Marc!!!+1
December 19 2018 22:33:59
Marceys Thanks, glad you like it, it is always great to find some things that could fit to a track! +0
Yes this is Fantastic Sound ;) Fantastic playing Marceys ;)i like it this Sound <3:Y+1
December 19 2018 22:34:28
Marceys Glad you like it, it was a cool play for me too! :) +0
Really like the red section and the way you dug into that tuning wheel and slid around.+1
December 19 2018 22:37:15
Marceys Haha, the tuning wheel was interesting here... how far is it bendable until it touches the border where it gets false.... :) +1
The solo part in the red .. I like playing plus sound! Nicely jammed, especially the long tones playing with the wheel! :)+1
December 19 2018 22:39:00
Marceys A bit clumsy on some spot, played it only once and uploaded it right away....thought the feeling was right at that time..... glad you enjoyed it! Was a very cool musical moment for me to play with you guys again! :) +0
Superb playing, as always - loving the solo in the red section. Always fan of a bit of synth leads! Also, your soundscapes take some of the busyness away from my over-the-top playing!

Love it!
December 20 2018 22:05:18
Marceys Very glad you like it Martin! Enjoyed it!, thanks for that! +0

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