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I was reading a fine Tweet from Professor POTUS... Lately... Saying that it was freezing outside, so... Hello!!! What about the Global Warming though? It reminded me a profound remark from Francis Blanche, back in the 50's, (French Humorist) Asking himself why people persist in turning on the heat inside houses while it is on the outside it is freezing? If there's somebody watching us up there, he or she might feel depressed ^^ Thanks a lot to Cody, Ray and Ernie. You ...
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Plate earth, Rock song, G warming


Wow, excellent song Stan :W:D Lovin' it buddy .. super job, great lyrics .. got me thinkin! :D Thanks for making a song of this track my friend :)+1
December 19 2018 16:30:43
Funkystan Thanks Brotha' Ernie! The track sounds Fab'. Couldn't help joining in... Thanks for the comment about the lyrics. I'm following your advice. You know, "It's all in the wrist action..." :W +1
December 19 2018 16:32:16
Ernie440 haha!! :D +1
super ;o)+1
December 19 2018 20:05:12
Funkystan Thanks a lot mein Freund! ^^ +1
Fantastic !!! Thanks so much+1
December 19 2018 20:05:45
Funkystan I thank YOU!!! ^^ +0
Great vocal Stan, fine lyrics too,+1
December 19 2018 20:18:44
Funkystan Thanks a lot Frank. 153 Bpm is quite challenging as far as I wanted the lyrics to be hearable. I enjoyed writing the whole process. +1
Great Stan! Happy you are going back and hitting some classics! So many songs so few vocals, stay busy man...+1
December 19 2018 23:37:32
Funkystan Thanks Ray... I will. Sometimes I feel like in a supermarket strolling with a no limit credit card in my pocket, looking for what could please me and match. There are so many good tracks I sometimes don't know what to do. But I have a new strategy. Ernie lives here at Wiki's. He never sleeps. I follow his adds. He is shrewd and most of the time, you are playing with him ^^
But there is something I have to do... #78850
I'm gonna record a neat new version of it.
En voilà un morceau qui démonte ! :o:W
Bravo Stan et bravo au band ! :W
December 20 2018 10:14:32
Funkystan Thanks Arno ^^ Passer du temps avec ces Zicos qui jouent entre les oreilles, c'est juste cool ! Le morceau est court et j'ai fait trois prises avec celle là. Presque frustrant, j'avais envie de la chanter encore et encore ^^ +1
catching !!! :)+1
January 14 2019 13:02:45
Funkystan Thanks!!! That was a tricky one to manage dealing with mixing ^^ +1

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