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just a very ballad-like meditation with the bass. Played in one go, no check for errors or flaws.
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ballad slow soft


Will be good to hear what others do with this.+1
December 19 2018 19:50:38
JMB65 Haha, I wonder too! I do not play this by itself. I have underlaying music, so.... just stay meditative! ;) +1
December 20 2018 02:49:43
Wade I've thought about playing to stuff like classical tracks and not including them. Haven't done it yet as I don't know how it would translate for others to hear. When you hear bass by itself, you presume it's a bass line (tonic/dominant etc.) so can build the chord structure off that. What does a sax by itself connote? +1
I love it and laugh when you introduce your works as "just a...."
There is nothing "just" about what you do! So appreciative of your creativity.<3
December 23 2018 10:55:45
JMB65 Haha! I think I wrote this, because there are sometimes tracks I really put a lot of love into. Which means I make take after take, sometimes dozens! This is just played and.... finish. So just.... ;) +1
so cool!+1
Awesome! :)+1
Sorry, Jorg! Totally forgot to jump up a level and hit 'thumb'. Loved playing to this track - its improvisational feel is spot-on!+1
December 24 2018 10:45:09
JMB65 Yes, indeed it was played with drums in mind like ou played it! That is why I was so joyous to listen to your track! Thanks for thumbing! :) +0
Sehr sehr gutes Template, Jörg, bravo! Und frohe Weihnachten :)+1
December 24 2018 13:09:57
JMB65 Danke wjl! Dir auch eine gesegnete Weihnachtszeit! :) +1
Really good bass template Jorg!! So difficult withouth more lines to guide... :)+1
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