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Hi Friends, this is the first step to power down between two years.. Hopefully you like it, hopefully you would consider to play togther with me on this one


The quality of music on the loops astounds me...this lovely tune is a fine example of that quality 💕💕💕+1
December 20 2018 11:08:34
Offfocus Oh Tu!! Thank you so much!! Makes me a bit proud .. :| +1
:D fantastic Patrik,<3<3 very good+1
Toller Klang und sehr schönes Thema. Sauber gespielt! Gefällt mir sehr gut. Was auch super ist, ist deine Percussion. Da bin ich mir sicher das die Bühne voll wird ;)+0
December 20 2018 10:43:55
Offfocus Hey Adu .. danke Dir sehr!! Freu mich, dass du das magst!! Vielleicht kommen wir ja in den kommenden etwas ruhigerern Tagen noch mal musikalisch ein bisschen zusammen . , +1
December 20 2018 11:07:41
adu ;) +0
it is realy a cool:o sound and I agree with Adu:)+0
December 20 2018 10:44:08
Offfocus Thanks so much, Navota!! +0
Beautiful ambience and sound! :)+0
December 21 2018 05:58:21
Offfocus Hi Stef, I thank you so much! Happy you like it!! +1
wow this is awesome Patrik...;););)+0
December 21 2018 05:58:49
Offfocus Good morning Nils! Thank you, my friend!! +1
you create a nice atmosphere on this one Pat, I like the echoes and the finger taps as well :)+0
December 21 2018 05:59:54
Offfocus Hi, good morning Shi! Thank you so much! Yeah it was fun with the guitar percussion.. I recorded it on my looper, which was a lot of fun :D +0
December 21 2018 06:00:30
Lenny Cowler
Offfocus Thanks Lenny.. Cool, you like it!!! +0
Beautiful !! I love it. Patrik<3<3+0
Just found this-great track Pat:W:W

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