Flight of the peckerwoodwind

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So good to join in with these tree favorite musos in this fun rollick. Love that crazy 3/4 and all the musical (substance abuse induced?) blackouts. Hope it's a fun listen for you...sure was a fun play!


liking those sax sounds Wade and now this sounds like a crazy kind of movie theme....fab work fellas :)+2
December 21 2018 20:00:44
Wade So much fun for me to find this odd-ball treasure. All credit to ArcRock and WD and Ernie. Thanks Shi, glad you like. +1
Crazier than a bag of frogs but I love it! 😁😁😁+2
December 22 2018 02:07:38
Wade Yea, give me crazy anytime and I'm in there! +1
Ah Yes!!
This moves like a written piece of score played one thousand time before recording... :) and of course it’s not! Amazing presence from all and never noisy, very cool modulations around speed, crescendo, quiet...
I like when you play behind and with the piano after the awesome beginning
December 21 2018 20:35:51
Wade Wow! Thanks Chris. So glad you gave this such a good listen. Those things are exactly what drew me to this. Wonderful changes of pace and harmonic structure + being kind of crazy. You're also right about it seeming tight (thanks to the others). This was just two improv takes for me, but I intuitively understood the structure, so it was easy. Thanks again. +0
Nice to hear you Wade. This is a very nice performance. Changes of rythms... not easy. Brilliant play.+1
December 21 2018 19:59:08
Wade Thanks Rob. I think the change of rhythm was a lot harder for the drummer! I just love the dissonances and opportunity to play with those. +1
December 21 2018 22:04:24
ROBJOL You seem in great shape and I like it. +1
a great sax add Wade...;););)+1
December 21 2018 20:01:13
Wade Thanks Nils. I just love these odd tracks to have fun with. +1
Great dynamics and wonderful interlocution with the other instruments! You know how to push the accelerator and then expertly restrain everything for the benefit of the song and its atmosphere! A great listening Wade!+1
December 21 2018 20:03:23
Wade You're always so kind and eloquent with your comments! It's an odd one, but just the sort of thing I really love to find. Much credit is certainly due to Titus and WD and Ernie. +1
Ha ha..Good to hear you pushing it some.:D I don't think I could do this one. Great job :)+1
December 21 2018 20:05:08
Wade Me push? Well, maybe just a little. You could certainly do this and have done it differently, which is good. +1
Awesome smorgasbord of contrast and textures. Very cool my friend!:)+1
December 21 2018 20:07:45
Wade Thanks! You've got exactly what appealed so much. Heaps of contrast in rhythm, feel, harmonic structure and all happening within a time-span that didin't give me a heart attack! +0
This is great Wade!! Agree with Shi, it's like some kind of whacked out movie theme .... and I love it .. off the wall and sounds so cool!! Glad you finally got on board with this one!! :D:)+1
December 21 2018 20:11:55
Wade So glad you're OK with the add. I tried to restrain myself and not step on your solo. I just love tracks with odd/changing tempos and cord structure. +1
December 21 2018 22:04:16
Ernie440 You've turned this into a classique!! :D +1
December 22 2018 02:06:45
Wade I thought it was pretty classic before! +1
Crazy and cool jam!+1
December 21 2018 20:12:15
Wade Thanks Mario! Glad you like. +1
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