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Wow. This track is a tad lengthier than I noticed! 8 minutes! Jorg's splendid meditations on a theme warranted the same treatment so I completely winged this after listening to the first minute or so to get his main rhythmic idea. After that, I 'sight read' the waveform (I often do this with Loops!) to get an idea of upcoming stops and starts as well as dynamic changes. Went for a swung sixteenth feel - it could've gone either way so ...


Very cool beat M! :W+1
Fantastic drumming Martin!+1
you've got that "little lilt" thang down perfectly, Martin. snazzy touches from you. Stops - like 1:36 - are stellar! Splendid variety in what you do and when you do it. You complement Jorg in the best possible way.+1
Superb drumming!! :W+1
so cool!+1
Yea, this is a hell of a long track. Really enjoyed hearing your "process". Much the same as mine. Hit record and start playing. I often have to do a second take to "adjust" the beginning since I have no idea of the key or tempo.

Breaks and rhythm changes must be difficult when you're not expecting them. Excellent "winging".
WOW! You blow me away, such a great drumtrack, so much feeling! The hihats at the low part at 6:28 Hahaha on the point my friend :Y+1
Wow fantastic drum beats MP. Love it:W:W:W:Y:Y:Y
Merry Christmas my friend<3
December 24 2018 10:33:55
mpointon Thank you, Deezee! Merry Christmas to you too! :) +1
Working my way up the ladder from first Alex, then Tof - wonderful grooving song from you all, congratulations and merry Christmas :)+1

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