Limping Santa's Saxy Serenade

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I imagined Santa limping back to the North Pole playing sax having delivered his final present! Rudolph and his buddies deserted his sleigh for some cute doe's in Iceland. :) Played on an M-Audio Keyboard using a sax synth and a Cakewalk drum track...Merry Christmas All adds Welcome!
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Jazz, Sax, Christmas, Santa, Serenade


Cool Gerry-love the description<3<3
December 26 2018 00:05:41
bluvation Thanks Keith, I have a great imagination, not always logical though lol! :W<3 +0
Great sweet sounding sax. Gerry.. I can hear exactly what it says on the tin:) Santa kicking back the sludgy snow limping while playing his sax. Love it!! Merry Christmas Gerry!!<3<3<3+1
December 26 2018 01:08:09
bluvation Your imagination is as wacky as mine:D
Thanks Dorothy:W glad you liked it! Merry Christmas:)<3
December 26 2018 01:12:42
deezee I really saw it him in my minds eye. Poor old Santa looked worn out<3<3 +1

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