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Great track from Marc, as always. I went full-on predictable with this track and broke out the 'Roseanna' beat. Although the tempo of the track is 128bpm, the overall feel and drive is most certainly a half-time feel to my ears. Although I went to full-time shuffle for the blue section to give it a more jazzy drive and to pick the track up a bit. Playing up-tempo throughout the track felt like it was plodding along rather than flowing. One ...


This is very classy drumming. An almost understated track that you've kicked into orbit. The "square" blue section could have been a problem, but you've handled that elegantly.+2
Almost as much as I like your tracks I like the description of your thoughts on what and how you are going to play.B) Again great choices and great playing! <3+2
wonderful swing \o/+1
Very cool drum and rythm ideas Martin.congradulations:)+1
So much dynamics in your shuffled playing! Think you are right bout the halftime tempo, i just set the click to 128 and played it! :)
At a vacationhouse at the moment and enjoying some very fine musicalmoments! Hope to have a lot of musical moments woth your groove next year too! :)
Really cool drumming MP:W:)+1
Another killer:):)+1
What a supercool melodic track this is!:W+1
Easy my ass. That’s a nice smooth shuffle you got there. Your playing is so clean. Very nice work;)+1

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