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This is one version of this fun bossa from Kimbo and the crew. Others may show up in the future as a video. Absolutely love what these guys did and wanted to share this version.


Fantastic bossa Wade!! great job on the sax with the guys!+1
December 31 2018 20:20:11
Wade A nice simple Bossa that was easy to fall into. Thanks Mario and a good 19 for you! +1
alway a treat to hear a new one from you Wade, and what a super slinky track and lineup you guys :)+1
December 31 2018 20:20:34
Wade Cheers Shi. Wishing you a wonderful 19. +1
January 01 2019 11:41:57
Shi and the same for you too Wade :) +0
Glad to have you onboard. Fabulous playing with great dynamics Wade! <3+1
December 31 2018 20:21:20
Wade So good to be in there with you guys. Just adding accents and leaving the hard yards for you. Best to you for 19. +1
January 01 2019 03:47:44
Fivestringer Of course all the best for you too in 2019, let's remember the best things from 2018 and this time do similar but even better! :D +1
cool track ! fun to listen to you play in this context :)+1
December 31 2018 20:23:07
Wade Cheers OliVBee! This is a style I'm way familiar with and am happy to just be adding the occasional accent. Wishing you a great 19. Will we see you this year???? +1
January 01 2019 03:18:16
OliVBee I know bossa has been part of your musical life since bossa is bossa (you were there when it rised up !!) :) wishing you all the best for 2019 and i'll keep you updated ! +1
January 01 2019 04:13:12
Wade Thanks OliVBee! +1
Yup . :W Nice soft playing<3+1
December 31 2018 20:23:58
Wade Cheers Mark. You take care! Hopefully 19 will be a great year for you. +1
Yuo! Yup! VERY nice playing.:Y+1
December 31 2018 20:24:16
Wade Thanks Rob. Have a great 19. +0
Nice and sensitive! :)+1
December 31 2018 20:25:21
Wade Thanks gnoerreby! Wishing you all the best for 19. +0
This has a very cool flow. Everything fits perfectly in its place. Very cool !!+1
December 31 2018 20:55:51
Wade Thanks WHITEPONGO. Credit must go to Kimbo, Fivestringer and Martin for putting this lovely track together. I'm just doing frills. Wishing you all the best for 19. +0
Smooth run! Looking forward to the video!+1
December 31 2018 20:29:42
Wade Have already seen your add. Guess Kimbo is waiting on some more stuff? This is a completely different take I'm playing, but the same basics. Wishing you all the best for 19. +1
December 31 2018 20:36:41
Marceys Think it needs one more vocal if i’m not mistaken....wish you all the best for 2019 too and see you in another jam! :) +1
awesome my friend:)+1
December 31 2018 20:30:15
Lenny Cowler
Wade Thanks so much Lenny for your listen and comment. Have a great 19! +1
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