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Cody’s tune is just fab’!!! I hesitated a lot before working on it. The template is compressed and sounds like a professional mastering. I knew I’d have to jump from the raw takes to a kind of a vocal mastering without being in position to fit them into the mix, without skills and without the proper tools. I compressed my takes to the max so as not to turn the whole track into the recording of a karaoke session by using ...
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Guitar Solo, Cody Tripp, Song


Hey Im glad to hear these lyrics, youre a good poet. And I totally agree what you said about Cody!+1
December 31 2018 16:51:15
Funkystan Thanks a lot Tu. Most appreciated from the fine writer and singer you are. Cody is an impressive musician I don't need to mention.
Happy new year Tu ^^
Great job Stan,awesome track from you guys:)+1
January 01 2019 10:56:27
Funkystan Thank you Pete! ^^ +0
Killer !!!!! Thanks a million+1
January 01 2019 11:05:51
Funkystan My heartfelt thanks go out to you for giving me and us all the opportunity to work on such great pieces of music. It's me who's thankful ^^ +1
awesome bro:)+1
January 01 2019 14:04:16
Lenny Cowler
Funkystan Thanks a lot Lenny ^^ +1
Well done man+1
January 01 2019 15:00:32
Funkystan Hey Frank! Thank you ^^ +0
Superbe track ici encore Stan. En effet, il y a un petit quelque chose de Bowie dans ta voix. Bonne année mon ami brestois :W+1
January 02 2019 13:10:55
Funkystan Merci beaucoup Arno et bonne année (again ^^) :W +1
Love your lyrics and vocal add.<3:W:)+1
January 04 2019 10:54:10
Funkystan Thanks a lot Deezee :W +0
Excellent and lovely lyrics Cool and happy 2019:W+1
January 09 2019 10:05:41
Funkystan Many thanks! Happy new year to you Mate :W +0
love it Stan :) <3+1
January 14 2019 13:07:54
Funkystan Thanks a lot Andrea!!! This track was challenging. I learned a lot about mixing trying to fit in the mix. This was a foundation to what's coming ^^ +1

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