New Years' day keep it quiet blues.

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OK, seems like a blues day to me. Love this track from Frenzie and jÜrGeN's ads. Sax is in a supporting role to these Blues pros.


I love this :W
Wonderful blues with some cool crazy things. That's great !! :W :W
Cool stuff guys :W
January 02 2019 21:08:06
Wade Thanks Franky. It's a bit different isn't it? Ive gone for some unusual (for blues) harmonies and parallel lines with the guitar but hope it still sounds "right". +1
January 03 2019 12:58:44
frankyguitar I really like the unusual view that you have here!!
For me ist a wonderful tune and a great example what we can have if we try something different:W
Oh yeah the blues to the power!! great jam Wade! ;)+3
January 02 2019 21:09:16
Wade Thanks Mario. I've tried to bring something just a bit different to this blues track. Many thanks for the listen and comment. +1
January 02 2019 21:11:32
GlezBass maybe you should listen to this #154601, it may be to your liking for saxophone line ;) +1
January 02 2019 21:24:55
Wade Yes I like this one a lot. Lovely soft lines that feel "right". Had not seen this one before it's new? Will download, but make no promises about when it might (if ever) make it back. In the meanwhile I'm sure others will pick up on this fine track and do it justice. +1
Wonderful! Happy new Year, Wade! :)+3
January 02 2019 21:16:10
Wade Hey Marc. Long time since we've had a track from you. Your sweet music is missed! Hopefully you'll fix that sometime soon? Wishing you all the best for 19. +1
January 03 2019 13:39:01
Liesching :) I´ll fix that soon! Best wishes! +1
sweet sounds from you Wade, and isn't this a tasty bluesy treat fellas....+2
January 02 2019 21:21:20
Wade You are the sweetie! So good of you to listen and comment on so many tracks posted on wikiloops. +1
Sounds like cool blues to me Wade:)Happy new year:Y+2
January 02 2019 21:04:42
Wade Hey Pete. Glad you stopped by, thanks! Wishing you all the best for 19 too! +1
This sweet'n soft sax-sound fits perfect!+2
January 02 2019 21:06:21
Wade Thanks gnoerreby. There are some contradictions in soft sax with blues, but this one I thought could work. Would also work with your fine playing. +1
Oh wow you can hit that blue spot Wade with your sax, very cool!!:):) thank you my friend happy 2019!:):)+2
January 02 2019 21:10:27
Wade As always you're the instigator and inspiration. So glad you're OK with this. It's a bit different with my doing those harmonies and parallel lines with you. +1
That is some mighty fine finger snapping old school blues here!!!:)+2
January 02 2019 21:11:11
Wade Cheers Bothen. Glad you like and hope we can share some tracks soon. +1
January 03 2019 05:12:13
Bothen That I will look forward to Wade, the blues and sax are a match made in Heaven in my eyes!!! +1
great sound!!! great blues tune!!! :W:D+2
January 02 2019 21:14:09
Wade Cheers jjdf! All credit to Frenzie and jÜrGeN for the tune. Just hoping to add a little interest in a bluesy yet novel fashion. +1
awesome my friend:)+2
January 02 2019 21:14:40
Lenny Cowler
Wade Thanks Lenny! So good of yo to give this a listen and comment. +1

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