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Forgive me loopers, do not leave room for other loopers but I felt so comfortable playing in the jam that I let myself be carried away by the heart! Symply for listen although any idea is welcome. Uncork a bottle and dance with your patient couples this ballad ....;) It could be a tribute to the Metheny master that everyone knows! GUITAR: Yamaha Silent guitar nylon string touch with the fingers near the neck ANALOGIC EFFECT: Reverb of the guitar VST: Ozone Image ...


super nice work GB! like the new logo too...cheers+1
January 03 2019 15:39:26
Major 3rd
GlezBass thanks so much Craig! Happy New Year friend!! The logo it´s a gift of my son printed in 3D like this.... see you photo [img][/img] +1
Cool track Mario:)Happy New year amigo:Y+1
January 03 2019 15:42:27
GlezBass thanks mate!! Happy New Year my dear friend! +1
Joder!!! Pero bueno eres un pro pro pro+1
January 03 2019 15:50:46
GlezBass un "sofista" osea un profesional en el sofa de mi cada jajaja, gracias amigo! todo es ponerse un rato a darle a las cuerdas (y borrar las notas que sonaban mal en el DAW jajaja) ;) +0
January 03 2019 17:30:30
Andri Si la verdad, que yo hago lo mismo. Toco del tirón y luego quito o transpogo lo que suena mal ! :) +1
Great composition and also played Mario. Compliment. I am especially grateful for this description. Also have such a Yamaha (to play at night).+1
January 03 2019 16:04:54
GlezBass thanks so much Rene!! great and cool guitar!! ;) +1
WOW!!! Everything so Good!!!! Excellent playing Mario with creative lines throughout!!!! Also, your composition is Beautiful!!!!+1
January 03 2019 18:29:27
GlezBass thanks Dan! +0
Lovely and soft. Good music for romancing.+1
January 03 2019 20:15:25
GlezBass Glad you like it Wade! +1
Yep, cool and gentle track with Metheny-feeling!+1
January 03 2019 20:15:06
CI Section
GlezBass Thanks Martin! you have previous version or this to make your "Lyle Mays" sense;) +1
January 03 2019 20:26:44
CI Section
CI Section Haha, I think I am far away from Lyle...
Lets see, if I have more time for music again (vacation is over)
January 03 2019 20:32:42
CI Section
GlezBass do not worry Martin, I'm still farther from Metheny ha ha ha +1
Wow Mario,<3 Tiene razón Andrés, Todo un McGiver musical!:Y:Y! hehehe+1
January 03 2019 21:31:42
GlezBass Muchas gracias amigo! jajaja No ha quedado mal la jam..... siento no haber dejado espacios pero me vine arriba!!! +1
January 03 2019 21:34:17
fblack Tal vez la voz de una mujer venga bien!! ;) No, esta genial Mario, Que talento tenéis!!<3 +1
January 03 2019 21:38:22
GlezBass Bueno las divas del site seria un placer!!;) +1
A wonderfully relaxing tune, (red wine and cigar optional), fine playing, a lovely tune, and a cool logo! Happy New Year Mr GlezBass ;):)+1
January 03 2019 22:31:34
GlezBass Happy New Year Paul!! chin chin with red wine! right now I drink a drink writing these lines in reality! ;) +0

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