Dancing with the Flu

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Guadaña698 jams

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Drums by Wiseshanks on the track Outlaw Morgans Blues.


Great heavy track! Super guitars playing David! :)+1
January 05 2019 23:23:30
Guadaña Much appreciated Steff :) +1
Just cool!!! :W+1
January 05 2019 23:23:41
Guadaña Thanks mate!! +1
Buenísima David !! Vaya mezcla más chula de guitarras!! En tu caso se puede decir q la gripe te viene bien:D:D Fenomenal tío !!:W:W:) Recupérate!!+1
January 05 2019 23:26:26
Guadaña Gracias Ewin!! No es mi mejor ejecucuón, pero es para lo que me da ahora mismo jajajaja. Como se dice por aquí "estoy más tirao que una escupiña" XDDDDD Y a recuperarse igualmente!! +1
January 05 2019 23:29:24
GreenDog como diría José Mota...no siendo , bastante q es ...me apunto el dicho ese de la escupiña:D Gracias, un abrazo tío !!:) +1
January 05 2019 23:30:33
Guadaña Abrazo!! +1
:W :D :W
Great to listen some new in the loops David !! Great like always :W
SOOOOO COOOOOL Very close and tight !! :W :W :W

You and the Flu ??? Ohh nooooo
January 08 2019 21:45:29
Guadaña Thanks my friend!!! Feeling a bit better, I hope to be 100% for saturday as we have a show :D +1
January 08 2019 22:02:19
frankyguitar Sounds great !! Will you make some videos again? +1
January 09 2019 10:33:46
Guadaña Sure, Gonna be a private party for a rock and metal asociation from a town near my hometown, "petite comité", and covers of some rock and heavy classics in the way of Mud Men, plus some originals... gonna be a great time for sure :) +0
This is so so good, David! Love it!+1
January 08 2019 21:45:58
Guadaña Thanks bro!!! Great drum track too ;) +1
Yeah, great rock bro!! :W+1
Cool rocker and happy 2019:W+1
January 08 2019 21:46:35
Guadaña Thanks Peter, and happy 2019 for you too my friend!! +1
So good to hear from you again. This is a great hard rocker. Wishing you a great 19 and hope to hear more from you soon.+1
January 08 2019 21:47:09
Guadaña Thanks!! Hope you have a great 2019 too my friend :) +1

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