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Guitar, Saxophone & Sequencer:
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Guitar, Saxophone & Sequencer:
Andri201 jams
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I thing better now. Double track and little delay. Tks your comment ;)


sounds really good Andri...;););)+1
January 13 2019 01:02:41
Andri ;) +1
Nice job guys! :)+0
January 09 2019 01:14:56
Andri ;) +1
sonidaco de guitarra no? a mi me resulta muy agradable y con su reverb metida que le da el punto... me gusta el resultado! :)+0
January 09 2019 00:12:43
Andri Gracias Mario. La subí de nuevo porque me quedó muy bajita. La jam estaba un poco fuertota. :) +1
Better mix, but levels (volume) a little bit low.+0
January 09 2019 00:13:51
Andri Tks Wade. I'm in the process of learning mastering and I do not want the guitar to stand out too much from others, but I'll keep that in mind. +2
January 09 2019 03:48:43
Wade After you have your track (guitar) mixed to fit in then you need to look at the level of the whole track and bring it up (or down) if necessary. Best to NOT use compression for this unless there are unusually soft or loud parts that stand out. +2
January 10 2019 07:24:03
LittleWing Andri-
General rule: Overall track output around 0db from your software. That includes all your effects and everything. I use Audacity to check my overall volume after Reaper spits out the WAV. 0 db is a great volume level where people are not turning their volume knobs neither up or down very much. Your waveform at the top of the page will look about 50% filled. 25% empty on top, 25% empty below.

A soft ballad maybe -1db or -2 overall Volume db.

Loud Rocker maybe +1 db

Keep overall track volume in that range.

Tip number #2: When mixing ...MIX IN MONO. You will hear right away the correct volume. Just switch back to Stereo, but Mono will show everything in its proper context. The pros mix in mono. Stereo is really an effect that can get in the way or trick the ears. Use mono to check yourself volume wise or balance wise in mixes.

Tip #3 Using speakers, play your mixed track at a low volume level. Lean into the speakers and listen. Does it sound balanced volume wise at a very low volume level? If not , remix it at the very low volume level, then relisten at normal listening level.

When mixing using speakers, pro recording studios use 85db for volume level , sitting a meter away from the monitor speakers. You can measure your monitor volume using a loudness meter phone app.
January 10 2019 08:22:40
Andri thank you very much for your help. Before, it did not complicate me that much, but Thanks to the great help of GlezBass, I have entered this complicated world of mastering. I take note of your advice.
Pleased with your help <3
oh yeahh much better great guitar:D thank you Andri:D+0
January 08 2019 20:55:28
Andri <3 +1

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