Breathe in the Rainforest

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A lovely exotic track from WhiteDrum55 and Mikebanez. Tenor sax added (hopefully not subtracting!)


A perfect fit. Great track :)+1
January 11 2019 19:50:26
Wade Thanks Frankie! I really love these sorts of atmospheric pieces. All credit to Mike and WD. +1
January 11 2019 19:51:09
Wade So glad you liked. Thanks Guadaña +0
Very Nice. :)+1
January 11 2019 19:51:35
Wade Very kind of you to give a listen and comment thanks! +1
Short but sweet from start to finish - and your tenor fits in just perfectly here. Love that moody stuff :)+1
January 11 2019 19:52:42
Wade Cheers Wolfgang! Yea, I'm drawn to moody stuff and hope to enhance an atmosphere that's already there. +1
great mix and play:) thank you for joining us:)+1
January 11 2019 19:53:11
Wade Thanks to you Mike as the creator of this wonderful track. +1
Sounds great Wade, wonderful sax here my friend !! :) <3+1
January 11 2019 20:13:09
Wade Thanks Franky! It's one of those situations where one wouldn't think of a sax in the sense that sax is associated with jazz, yet it can work with the right tone and attitude. +1
Nice !!! You have managed to give the subject a very mysterious touch. <3+1
January 11 2019 20:14:23
Wade Cheers Andri. I'm just going with the flow of the fine work of those who preceded. The job is to fit in! +0
This exotic-flavored theme is the perfect match for your unique and unmistakable "sax waves". I admire the control of the volume and intensity that you can give to your phrasing that enriches the track so much!+1
January 11 2019 20:15:40
Wade Once again so kind of you Stef. I just love tracks like this that have so much flavor as it makes the job so easy. Great ears you've got! +1
Captured the "mystique" atmosphere here well Wade:W+1
January 11 2019 20:16:45
Wade Thanks Mark. I really love these sorts of exotic tracks where you can just immerse yourself. +1
Terrific add++ Wade! <3 :D+1
January 11 2019 20:17:31
Wade Always a pleasure to follow you on a track. You and Mike did such a wonderful job with this. Thanks to you! +1

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