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Tribute to Mr Bassman.....our very own kmoon235 one of the many great talents here. hope you like it buddy, might need a good bass player to add the finishing touch if you know of one :) All adds welcome
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Country, Steel Guitar, Tribute, KMoon


Cool tune Gerry, nice tribute song to good ole Keith!! :W+2
January 16 2019 16:12:22
bluvation Thanks Ernie :W:) +1
January 16 2019 16:19:27
bluvation Your bass add is awesome, wow! Thanks Ernie:W +1
January 16 2019 16:27:44
Ernie440 Well I'm glad ya like it my friend, thanks .. I sure enjoyed adding it to your great country!! :D +1
January 16 2019 16:33:50
bluvation :W:Y:W +1
I'm sure Keith will be really pleased, its a lovely tribute.
Really good song Gerry:W:):W and thank you for the mention.<3
January 18 2019 05:59:08
bluvation I was sure I'd answered your comment before but it magically disappeared. Oh well better late than never. Thanks Dorothy, I appreciate it my talented friend! :W<3:) +1
January 18 2019 10:15:06
deezee You did Gerry. But I thought perhaps i should delete that other one. I wanted to edit it really but wouldn't let me... +0
always a joy listening to you sing<3:Y:W+1
January 15 2019 21:36:53
Leftdaloops1019 eight songs with The Gerry Sang'in
January 15 2019 21:37:31
Leftdaloops1019 But no Hawaiian gitfiddles +2
January 15 2019 21:41:38
Mikebanez ha ha. awesome. any profit yet with Bandcamp? +1
January 15 2019 21:45:20
Leftdaloops1019 it not profit we're after --autonomy is a sweet sweet thing. +2
January 15 2019 22:12:43
bluvation Thanks Mike, appreciate the feedback buddy!:):W +1
Nice Sounding! Song...great words!+1
January 15 2019 22:13:56
bluvation Thanks Jim and yes it's a new country term lol! +1
January 15 2019 22:23:24
Leftdaloops1019 Gerry, you need to hire a new photographer they cut your head off!
January 15 2019 22:26:37
Leftdaloops1019 [img][/img] +2
January 15 2019 22:27:30
bluvation lol! actually it's Darius Rucker but it wasn't him I highlignting it was the circle in the floor from the original Grand ol' Opry floor. Just imagining all the country greats that have stood on that spot. +1
January 15 2019 22:28:38
Leftdaloops1019 Is Darius Hootie?B) +1
January 15 2019 22:29:37
Leftdaloops1019 I thought it was mid court at a high school sock hop!:D +1
January 15 2019 22:31:59
bluvation Yes Darius frum Hootie and the Blowfish, great country singer:W +1
Rock Ass Kickers ---is that New Country???:D versus Mel Tillis, George Jones and Conway Twitty...Maybe Moe Bandy?+1
I leave for 2 days and...very kind of you my dear friend, especially for an old hacker like me.<3
January 18 2019 20:33:59
bluvation Just some fun, I didn't know you were gone when I put it up so hope you didn't mind:) +1
January 18 2019 20:39:01
kmoon235 Don't mind-in fact, gave me and my wife one helluva' laugh this morning which is always appreciated-especially after watching the news all morning. I think you did one heck of a job on this buddy!!!<3<3
January 18 2019 20:54:01
bluvation Yes I know what you mean buddy, don't watch it is my advice, Glad my little song gave you a laugh, glad you liked it<3:W +1

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