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The actual tempo is 67.5 ... did you know that 80 bars at 67.5 BPM is exactly 4mn 44s 444ms ? funny useless stuff :D (The track has only 77 bars anyway) This is a redux of #10994 ;) the chords description is now fully transcribed ! Don't forget to have fun :D


well, super duper lovely guitar doesn't cover it :)+3
Great Oliv:W+2
Love it to pieces! Singing all along during my mornin gym! :)+2
So good to hear you back in creative mode.+2
tempted to not to forget to have fun......on this one! Very nice!:D+1
Amazing discordant and gorgeous :W+1
January 17 2019 01:09:48
OliVBee that's the magic of clusters :) +2
Wow <3 :)+1
Still wonderful Oliv! Watchlisted... :) Edit: downloaded @ work - but I'll definitely take this one home :)+1
So many ideas and so good guitar playing... wow! My respect for your overall-work, Oli!+1
Lovely track, beautifully played! I'm sure this will be snapped-up by a vocalist.+1
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