Walking Shuffle "Blus" Feat. Focus5

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Jazz covers a lot of different feels, all hard to describe but I fall in love with that "it" factor. Andri and Glez play that "it" that inspires me and a stroke of brilliance, Mario added Focus5's pure straight ahead Bop-ish 10368 Excellent Jazz drumming. I extended the track with an interlude with Focus5's swing drumming from his 10232 track and also added it to the end. I added 2:45-4:11.
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Jazz, Bebop, Swing, sax


Excellent jam Dan! great jazzy soloists session like a alive session!+1
January 18 2019 16:23:33
Itocpogo Thanks so very much, Mario!!! I appreciate you using Focus5's drum tracks because his Bop-ish drumming is so Fantastic... and your bass playing is Creative and very inspiring!!!!!! +1
That "it" that you say is precisely the one that you have added in a perfect way, was missing. I just fell surprised at 3:42. What a good change in harmony. Dans, I love it. <3+1
January 18 2019 16:31:31
Itocpogo Thanks so very much, Andri!!! I appreciate it so much my friend!!!! +0
I think I'm going to re-raise the track and leave more space for your sax. I recorded it a while ago and I've been exhausted from so much guitar solo. :W+1
January 18 2019 16:30:47
Itocpogo thank You so much, Andri!!! I Love Jazz because it represents "freedom" to express yourself, so your instinct to play a long solo is your honest "feel" at the time and I do not at all get bored listening to it because it is genuine!!! If you decide to make another with a shorter solo, well, again that is how you feel at the point in time!!! My playing was inspired by your long solo and the collaboration with Mario and Focus5. If you make a new one I would definitely play it differently because there is no way Incan duplicate anything I play, I am not that good! Again that is what is so cool about Jazz, "freedom". I am just glad to be able to play with Jazz Lovers. +1
January 18 2019 16:35:37
Andri Really very kind and beautiful words written from the hearth. Thanks for understanding jazz like freedom. Me too. Best wishes! <3 +0
Dan! How do you do it...it must be magic! 🎷🔥🎷🔥🎷🔥+1
January 18 2019 16:33:21
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Tu!!!! I so much appreciate you more than very kind words!!!! I say the same when I hear you sing and the so many other musicians on Wikiloops!!! +1
Jazz Blues at his best! Great sound, playing and inspirating Dan! :)+1
January 18 2019 16:33:52
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Stef!!!! I so much appreciate it my friend!!! +0
Wonderful Itoc:W:Y<3+1
January 18 2019 16:34:23
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Dorothy!! I appreciate it so very much!! +1
You did really excellent here Dan!! Great sax playing and super mix, Super jazz :) :W :D+1
January 18 2019 16:35:17
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Franky!!!! I so much appreciate it my friend!!!! +0
excellent mastering Dan, the sax line is a great enrichment:)+1
January 18 2019 17:09:29
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Peter!! I appreciate it very much my friend!!! +1
Beautiful jazz Dan great sound and the perfect compliment to swing this fine....i love that you always plan and excute with such class and regard for your fellow musicians, for me you are a musicians musician bravo:W+1
January 19 2019 16:07:25
Itocpogo Thank You so very much, Peter!!! I appreciate your very kind words and so humbled by your comment my friend!!! +0

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