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Very cool and unique rock track from Arno and Ray, thanks for the fun and great play fellas! :W:D
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rock jam, R.E.A. band ...


You add so much elegance to this in the middle rocker vs cool dramatic melodic Wonder!!! I do not know how you always have the ability to create :"sonata" like bass variations that excite me with "professional" variations that sweep the limits of Creative playing. Excellent, Ernie!!!+2
January 18 2019 16:55:13
Ernie440 heya Dan, very kind comments, thanks so much my friend!! :W +0
Hard to imagine this one without you as the bass seems so ingrained.+2
January 18 2019 20:46:38
Ernie440 well it's the old band!! haha thanks a lot Wade! +2
This is a perfect add Ernie. I love this song because it is super heavy, and made heavier by your bass, but also very poppy at the same time. The Frenchman can write a jingle!+2
January 19 2019 18:22:50
Ernie440 Hey I know, no one cranks out more quality rock tunes and otherwise than Arno, he's the French hit machine ;) ... he's got a natural talent mon ami!! Thanks a lot Ray, for the great drums and the jam .. agreed heavy and somewhat poppy .. be nice to get some adds (duh) it always is! :D +2
January 21 2019 10:07:08
ARNOSOLO Héhé !! Thx a lot my friends ! It's always a great pleasure to jam with the band ! :W +2
Wow I knew I was going to love it Ernie!:W Fab bass add<3:W:Y+1
January 18 2019 16:39:26
Ernie440 Thanks very much Dorothy!!! :D:) +1
WOW !!!!!!!!+1
January 19 2019 16:18:50
Ernie440 :D:D:D +1
Another great bass line maestro :)+1
January 19 2019 16:18:39
Ernie440 heya Bob, very kind, thanks buddy! +0
Ahhhhh yes !!! The REA is back with this awesome track !! Thx so much bro, it's GREAT !!! :W+1
January 21 2019 15:16:17
Ernie440 thanks Arno .. it was a cool fun track from you and good to be back with the old band hehe! :W +1
February 11 2019 14:46:26
Lenny Cowler
Ernie440 thanks buddy! :D +1
Had to wait all day to listen to your take! :O Had to do my own first! :D Great! A bit more dirty bass sound than mine (i did consider some fuzz!). Rocking and tight! :W+1
February 12 2019 01:33:31
Ernie440 Thanks .. your take could have been mine on this one :O Freaked me out a bit! haha Guess that's why I liked it :):) +1
Amazing intro! Perfect as always! :)+1
February 16 2019 19:43:14
Ernie440 Thanks a lot Stef!!! :):Y +1

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