Suddenly Sunrise

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Tried some J.Lorber kinda sound on this great track of OlivBee & Shi. In the middle i tried to stay at the chords that OliVBee wrote down but couldn't help myself trying in the third part there to make some little changes.... harmonicly we could discuss bout that... but i had fun for sure.... and a little funky flute over that third part too... cheers and have a great weekend all, Marc


Beautiful Marc! And yes, I like Jeff Lorber, but this still sounds like you :) Wonderful music! :)+1
January 19 2019 17:32:42
Marceys Glad you like it! Had a good time on the track! :) +1
Very professional, creative and adds a flowing moving vibe and the flute adds a spicy Jazz feel!!! This is Wonderful music with your trademark Wonderful variations that support the vocal and music so well!!! Outstanding, Marc!!+1
January 19 2019 17:33:26
Marceys The track stands on itself! Was good fun to try that funky flute on it! +0
January 19 2019 17:33:57
Lenny Cowler
Marceys Thanks a lot Lenny! Enjoyed the play this afternoon! +1
Super cool Marc:D:D+1
January 20 2019 02:38:17
Marceys Thanks David! Glad you like it! :) +1
well Marc this is a nice surprise :) how pretty the keys sound and the funky flute as well adds a nice atmosphere :)+1
January 20 2019 02:39:27
Marceys Just sitting behind the guitar and vocal! Was a joy to listen and play along! Glad you like it Shi! Thanks for the moment! +1
so cool buddy !! very glad you had fun with this song :) i wouldnt mind having the different stems for a possible proper mix ;)+1
January 20 2019 02:42:57
Marceys Hey OliVBee, was a joy to play along with you two! I will sent you the files in the morning! Three stems i did, rhodes + pad, rhodes and the flute... +1
Light and soft chordal accompaniment. Less sure about the faux flute.+1
January 21 2019 05:52:45
Marceys Just a little thingie and OliVBee blended it in real good, and left an option to leave the flute sound.... +1
perfecto mon ami! :D+1
January 23 2019 07:06:39
Marceys Thanks a lot Ernie! +1
Plain superb Marc! Thanks ^^+1
January 26 2019 01:19:54
Marceys Thanks a lot, enjoyed it very much! +1
nice one :) fit with the others+1
January 26 2019 01:20:42
Marceys Thanks, enjoyed the play! :) +1
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