Inner Dance

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In the continuation of working with Eric I offer this track. Again it's a first take no listening to the entire track beforehand to hopefully keep its free integrity. I thank Eric and Tom (009) for the fabulous track to work with. Playing with just bass and drums like this with this sort of harmonic freedom and energy is something I did a lot when I was in my early 20's so it's great to re-establish the connection to that ...


Hahaha! I had to laugh spontaneously!!

Amazing expression, for a first take it's sooo much feeling. Out of tonality if appropriate, high skill dexterity. I do not like such music too much, but: as I said, this lifted up my mood! :)
January 22 2019 06:45:57
CameAndWent4-20 Thanks again so much. I do understand that this music doesn’t appeal to everyone and that’s just fine with me😀 thanks for taking the time and getting through to the end🤣 looking forward to more tracks with you. +2
Wow, freejazz on the spot!+1
Hop hop hop... amazing free energy !:) keep on going Alex+1
Top level all guys and special the sax line!! The Alex Sunset Jazz Club!! (name in case you decide to open a jazz club!) Amazing man!+1
January 22 2019 19:29:38
CameAndWent4-20 Well if I move to the Algarve one day I shall indeed call my jazz club the ‘Sunset Jazz Club’ but you will have to promise me to play there at least once a month (I guess an 8 hour round trip to Malaga?)😀😀😀 +1
January 22 2019 19:40:51
GlezBass In effect it is the distance that there is by road, also that area has incredible sunsets !! You will hit with the name of the jazz club! +1
January 22 2019 19:54:23
CameAndWent4-20 So we can fly you to Faro in 1 hour and that way you can play once a week....:D +1
January 22 2019 19:57:16
GlezBass :D It never hurts to have projects for the future !! when it depends less on work (retirement) it is always possible to spend a long time in the Algarve and I save the flight ha ha +1
January 22 2019 19:59:17
CameAndWent4-20 :D Yes, even better you will be the resident bass player.....:D +1
A great approach to giving shape to this way of playing together. If you say that the musicians played it at different times, you did not play it. What an energy will let you hear. Great, I really enjoy it !!+1
this kind of music fascinates me. I can imagine that fantasy, creativity and incredible virtuosity are in demand here. while I feel comfortable on a country road with crash barriers to the left and right, you seem to feel most comfortable on the High Way without crash barriers. I admire that, made absolutely cool!! (I hope "Deepl" has translated it so you can understand it).+1
January 25 2019 18:30:43
CameAndWent4-20 Perfectly understood Peter thank you. And to be honest yes I do feel very comfortable in this genre😎 +2
Far ouT! This is great! Love the freedom you guys have. Very beautiful! Makes me remind of some brilliant musicians from the past who made a path were there was none. Love to hear this. Thank you. (y)+1
I you ever play in a Jazz club in NY or NJ, or PA, let me know!! I would pay to see you play!!!! Excellent, Alex!!!!!+1

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