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This track was an experiment for me to work with a straight acapella track. I wanted to try and craft the guitar around the vocals. The vocal track comes from austinmusic of Looperman. I would love to hear some bass and drums. Enjoy....
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wow!!Awesome, I like it:):W+2
January 31 2019 14:27:44
Lenny Cowler
mortheol Hi Lenny, thank you very much :) +1
Wonderful composition Ron:D:D+2
January 31 2019 14:27:07
mortheol Thanks David:)
Wish I could take credit for the vocals, but I am not this good.:(
I wanted to try and build a song around a pure vocal track. Something fun to try;)
January 31 2019 20:43:37
davidaustin I did that with a free download, just a vocal in the key of C, sounded cool to me, as an exorcise in building up a music track and learning. What you have created sounds awesome to me my friend.:D +2
February 01 2019 00:52:32
mortheol Thanks Dave. It was harder for me than I thought. Finding the right chords and pitch to suite the voice after the fact. I did drop his vocal 1/2 semitone at the final mix, it sounded a little better.
I may try some more of this. I will look for vocal only tracks here to use.
Thanks for the feedback and your support.:)
I have one of your tracks almost ready to go, just taking my time here a little more to try and improve and make better sounding tracks.:W
I am following the 2 -3 day rule after recording stuff to come back and mix and listen with fresh ears.
beautiful Ron :)+2
January 31 2019 14:24:49
mortheol Thank you very much Rene:)
Experimenting with an acapella template.
beautiful song Ron ;o)+2
January 31 2019 14:28:58
mortheol Thanks Uli:)
I wish I could sing like this, I just did the guitar parts:W
via wikiloops radio
January 31 2019 14:30:59
mortheol Thanks TG:)
It was fun trying something new. Starting with a pure acapella template.
I finished the description in my comments.
Great guitar work on this cool vocals Mr Meow!! Nice to see you again !! :W:)+2
February 01 2019 01:07:57
mortheol Hi MR. Dog...It is good to be back here after a short break:W
Thanks for visiting me;)
Wow !!! Buddy is that you singing ? If yes let's hear more. What a voice !!!!! Great song mate ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜+1
January 31 2019 14:23:45
mortheol Hi Rob, great to see you:) I wish it was my voice, it was an acapella track from looperman from a talented singer named austimusic.:W
I haven't worked up the nerve to unleash my singing hear:P
<3 oh my ... wonderful+1
February 01 2019 00:47:57
mortheol Hi Andrea...Thank you very much:) +1
It's AMAZING, Ron !! Fantastic composition according to that great vocals !! Beautiful Song !! :) <3 :)
Congratulation my friend :D
February 01 2019 00:49:07
mortheol Thanks Frank, it was fun to try and do this with the acapella track from the start:)
I wish I could sing like this:W
February 01 2019 00:50:22
frankyguitar Wonderful done Ron :) +1
Superb!!! <3+1
February 04 2019 16:44:49
mortheol Thank you very much Andri:) +0

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