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An experimentation with various beats and rhythms from around the world that crosses a variety of genres. From start to finish, I introduce a new pattern every 8 bars, be that drums or percussive instruments which gradually builds the intensity / complexity but also changes the feel each time to create a "rhythmic illusion" Feel free to use or chop up any section to create a new track - there are 13 different sections :) I hope you enjoy it.
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World, Dance, Latin, alternative, Indian, hip


pretty damn cool Paul. EW ew ew gong:D+1
February 02 2019 11:19:44
pconey Thanks Mike....What are you doing up at this time you bad boy! It wouldnt be the same witout a bit of EW EW EW ! :D +1
February 02 2019 11:23:51
Mikebanez ha ha. I been up since 1;am I listen to paranormal radio.👾:o I'll take a nap later👍 +0
bombastic my friend :D+1
February 02 2019 11:21:39
pconey Thanks very much my friend, I appreciate that! :) :D +0
sounds great:):)+1
February 09 2019 12:02:16
pconey Thank you so much for that Pewi! :) +0
Thank great sound love it:Y+1
February 04 2019 18:37:25
pconey Thanks Navota, and also for your very wonderful add! :) +0
Fantastic man!! playlist!+1
February 04 2019 18:38:05
pconey Thanks Mario - looking forward to hearing some of your fine playing on this one! ;) +1
Great template! mr P I love those beats:W:)<3:Y:Y+1
February 04 2019 18:39:01
pconey Thanks very much for that D! :) +1
Goodness - that's a lot of downloads! :D Fantastic job Paul :Y :Y :Y+1
February 04 2019 18:39:52
pconey Thanks a lot for that Groove, and also for your great double whammy, nice bass work! you've got a few downloads too! I wonder who that is....:) +0
oh this is tight+1
February 03 2019 19:39:01
pconey Thanks a lot my friend! :) +1
Great energy!+1
February 03 2019 19:39:34
pconey Thanks Marc, and also thanks for your fine addition - I enjoyed the jam! :) +1
Great track Paul:Y+1
February 03 2019 19:40:08
pconey Thanks a lot Pete, feel free to have a bass noodle my mate! :):D +1

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