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Inspired by the summer heat in Australia at the moment. Hopefully it helps warm the polar vortex up north. I chose to upload a wave file as I went a bit busy with tube compression on my guitar tracks (to give warm and fuzzy feeling). Needs drums, bass, vocals, keys, maybe saxy solo ;)
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indipop, summer hit, indie rock, jjj


It's like you channel all the great Aussie pop rock bands in one. Nice one mate 😊+2
February 03 2019 11:04:00
FrankMil Ha ha, hottest 100 in one song. I wish. Thanks Rob +1
Excellent Pop :W+2
Fantastic track :o:W+2
Sweet song!!!+1
February 03 2019 05:43:33
FrankMil Thank you Frank +0
February 03 2019 16:21:09
Frankisaur I'm listening to this with my metronome, and I have to say you have done an excellent job keeping this part tight. I don't know if I can fully express how important this is if you want to get a good drum part added, or how much time this saves in editing. A sign of a real pro my friend. I think you'll have quite a few great drum adds on this in no time;) +0
awesome Frank! love it....great vibes and playing!!!:D:W+1
February 03 2019 05:43:19
Major 3rd
FrankMil Cheers major +0
Thanks Frank! Super track!! (i like the tag "summer hit") :D+1
February 03 2019 05:41:54
FrankMil Ha ha, I'm optimistic +1
Very Nice Frank!+1
February 03 2019 05:43:02
FrankMil Thanks Ray +1
February 03 2019 09:37:35
Lenny Cowler
FrankMil Thanks Bro +1
Summer in headphones here, let’s go surfing!
Magnifique song my friend, I like the A. Summer(s) palm mute part :)
I know drummers....
February 03 2019 09:38:13
FrankMil Surfs' up Tof. Thanks man +0
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