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Thank you Paul dor the GREAT Template ;o) [img][/img]


powerful message and vocal here Ulo, rocking track from Paul :) nice work both+2
February 05 2019 09:21:06
Uloisius Thank you very much dear Shi ;o) +1
March 11 2019 22:29:39
PaulBOwens Thanks Shi +2
You are talking about a really sensitive subject.

The industrial slaughter of animals is inhuman. Certainly, we can find the proteins we need in plants. But how to find a balance that would feed hungry people while respecting life in all its forms.

Some people think that trees and plants suffer ... I get lost a little ...

When a native kills an animal on the hunt, he thanks the Spirit who allows him to feed his family.

Are we so far from the hunter? We do not want to know how the animal we eat was treated.

Very complicated and subject to reflection my friend.
February 05 2019 09:41:09
Uloisius Hello Robert, Natives who hunt for survival and respect flora and fauna are not explicitly meant by this text.
But we are not natives or Stone Age people but citizens of a modern world where nature is trampled on and animals are treated like objects. By far the largest part of the grain harvested worldwide is fed to livestock, for an animal calorie to "produce" it requires about 6-7 vegetable calories.
It would be a giant step towards solving the problem of world hunger if meat consumption were stopped and the resulting resources would be made available to the human diet.
I am also annoyed by the handling of animals themselves, the self-evident fact with which humans deny the animal every right to freedom and a life in peace.
Animals are treated like things, they have feelings like us humans too. Personally, I stand for a peaceful and not for the cruel dictatorship by the people ;o)
Bravo Ulo :)!+1
February 05 2019 09:21:31
Uloisius Thank you very much Paul ;o) +0
Wow this is a tough song! Hard to argue with the logic in this. Well done.+1
February 05 2019 09:49:52
Uloisius It was a strong need for me to put it this way.
A wise man once said, "You see the chip in the eye of the other but the board in front of your own head you can not see."
That which frightens us is what we ourselves daily do to our closest relatives in the known universe, the animals.
We mistreat them, rob them of their liberty, kill them and eat them. Speciesism, in my opinion, is just as outlawed as sexism and racism.
If man stopped as he did with the animals at the time, we would live in a better world ;o)
great amigo Ulo..+1
February 05 2019 09:51:21
Uloisius muchos gracias amigo woXey ;o) +1
JAWOLL !!!!!!+1
February 05 2019 09:51:39
Uloisius <3<3<3 +1
francisco al
bom trabalho, amigo Uloisius+1
February 05 2019 09:52:58
francisco al
Uloisius muitas graças ao meu querido amigo francisco ;o) +0
Ich vermute, dass Descartes eine grosse Rolle spielte, dass wir Tiere heute so behandeln. :(:(:(+1
February 05 2019 11:28:32
Uloisius moin Renè, ich kenne die Lehren des Renè Descartes nicht, kannst du mir mehr zu deiner Vermutung sagen ? +0
February 05 2019 13:04:40
abuitremorem Er sagte, ich denke,also bin ich -Tiere können nicht denken.... +1
February 06 2019 01:14:11
Uloisius Das kann gut sein das diese Art zu denken eine Rolle spielt.
Denken perse macht aber für mich nicht den Menschen aus, die grausamsten Vertreter der Menschheit in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart dachten oder denken auch. Gerade beim Denken scheint mir aber kommt es darauf an was man daraus macht.
Aus heutiger Sicht ordne ich die Aussage Descartes als ganz klar speziesistisch ein.
Ich denke, also darf ich mit allen die dies nicht oder aber auf eine mir unverständlische Art und Weise tun machen was ich will.
Eine solche Einstellung ist eigentlich nicht zu aktzeptieren ;o)
February 06 2019 09:07:56
abuitremorem genau!!! +1
Ohhh yeah !!! Fantastic track my friend :W+1
February 05 2019 11:28:56
Uloisius Thank you very much Arno ;o) +1
Uloisius, super stimme, super track, aber der Text, eh man, da bin ich voll bei dir, muss man genau so ansprechen+1
February 06 2019 01:17:21
Uloisius Vielen Dank für den Kommentar Abel. Freut mich sehr das dir der Song gefällt und das du ähnlich denkst ;o) +0
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