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I just love this odd track from Andri and what Mario did with it. I've uploaded a WAV as well so that my part can be edited down/out as necessary. Thanks again to Andri and Mario.


February 08 2019 10:05:40
Lenny Cowler
Wade Cheers Lenny and thanks for the listen. +1
Wow Wade, excellent sax track with this cool effect, the line for me is perfectly playing in its place with its tension and its silences .... amazing my friend !!+2
February 08 2019 10:10:24
Wade Glad you like the way we trade the lead and work this one. Great sounds from you and I always love the way you use harmonics. +1
via wikiloops radio
Wow very psychedelic, love it. You should get some more effects. Try a soft wahwah too!!+2
February 08 2019 19:45:56
Wade Cheers TeeGee! I have Wahwah as well in the box I'm using. Lots of effects and programmable. The only problem is you cvan't easily switch between effects, just on -off- and expression pedal. Many of the new boxes seem to have a set up where you can assign effects and switch live. That would be cool. I'm still just in experimental stage. +1
You have achieved a beautiful effect with what you have added. It suggests the swell of the waves of a mysterious sea on a pirate ship.<3+1
February 08 2019 10:03:48
Wade Absolutely love your template and ideas you have in so many of your tracks. Was hoping that you'd like this treatment. +0
February 08 2019 10:29:03
Andri I loved it! +1
I like this a lot... very smooth with a cool efx going on.;)+1
February 08 2019 10:05:08
Wade Love those boxes you guitarists have had forever. So many weird and wonderful things that can be done. Glad you like! Thanks. +1
Fantastic! Effect works very well.+1
February 08 2019 10:11:52
Wade Thanks Frankie! I'm stealing you guitarist's tricks! Really like using the phaser with the pedal to bring it in and out. Still getting used to it, so not quite 100%. +1
February 09 2019 09:13:00
FrankieJ Ever think about trying a wah pedal? +1
February 09 2019 19:14:58
Wade Yes, I can do that as well and have on a few tracks here already (a long while back). +1
Ha! Ha! The guy who talked to me one day about electronic devices...
The effect is fantastic. Love it. :D
February 08 2019 19:41:56
Wade Thanks Rob! It certainly has the odd flavor that this track requires (in my opinion). +1
February 08 2019 20:21:34
ROBJOL "When you want to kill your dog, you say he has rabies ..."
I'm just teasing you. It is a very beautiful music with the effects it takes.
February 08 2019 20:29:32
Wade I'm always trying to use the sax as just another instrument rather than playing as the usual jazz cliche'. The sax can have a lovely tone of it's own, yet there's no reason why it can't be "tweaked" to fit unusual occasions. It's also a lot of fun for me to "experiment". I get Igor to make the "adjustments". Ha! +1
Fantastic Wade,that's amazingly good ,Congradulations to you Andri and Mario.<3<3<3.It remember me the old days of Jean-Luc Ponty but on sax :D+1
February 08 2019 19:47:48
Wade Thanks khangurumc! I really loved Jean-Luc ponty's playing and saw him live several times. Wish I had his talent. +1
the gizmos again !! :) cool and creative ! i like how your voice blends into the oddness :)+1
February 08 2019 19:52:48
Wade You should know that I love the odd tracks. Do you remember the first track I played here? It was one of yours and quite odd.
Track # 13168
Yeah, wow - great stuff! Feeling invited... hope I got time to work on it :)+1
February 08 2019 21:34:52
CI Section
Wade Please! More than invited!!! +1
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