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Somehow seems like a good title for this rather heavy rocker. Fact is I am leaving. Off to Australia for a month, so just dropping this on you as I may not be able to come round for a while. Great track from this excellent trio of some of my favs. ARNOSOLO always creates great templates, rp3? what a great drummer! ,,,and last but certainly not least my man Ernie on bass. Always a gas ...


You, as always, ride the tension and the emotional thrusts of the track with your accents and crescendo sonori. A quality that few have!+1
February 16 2019 22:51:10
Wade Thanks so much Stef for your kind review. Just following the track in terms of crescendi. Glad you like. +0
sounds great Have a nice trip I wating for a flute from Austalia
February 15 2019 13:29:44
Wade Thanks Navota. Pretty nifty looking flute! +0
Thats one fantastic sax play Wade makes it special:W+1
February 15 2019 13:29:01
Wade Thanks PJE! So glad you like it. +1
Spot on my dear Wade!! :) <3 Would love to hear some effects on your sax at some parts ;) Can i trouble you for the sax only if it's still on your recording device? ;)+1
February 15 2019 13:28:30
Wade Sorry eGil. already here in Australia and don't have it. Wish I'd used an effect in parts as well. Needs to be "dirtier"! +1
Nice original sax colors by this add :)+1
February 15 2019 13:26:35
Wade I like "original". One of the best compliments. I try to use the sax as just another instrument and fit in so that it's not too odd, but unique if possible. +0
CI Section
What a cool, unusual combination! Great sax line;) All the best for your trip to Australia!+1
February 15 2019 13:24:58
CI Section
Wade Cheers CI. Probably should have picked a effect to make it more "dirty", but oh well. Glad you liked. +1
February 15 2019 18:56:05
CI Section
CI Section No, it's good - it's you!:) +1
Lenny Cowler
February 15 2019 13:23:59
Lenny Cowler
Wade Thanks for checking it out Lenny. Much appreciated. +1
Reminds me some of your "old" tracks with Oli, DfD and Captain Haddock... !
Very cool "dirty" track from all of you Wade and the guys
February 15 2019 13:23:28
Wade Ha! dirty tracks or dirty tricks? Glad you like! +0
Fantastic add my friend !! Thx so much for this great jam :W+1
February 15 2019 13:22:26
Wade All due to your inspiration! Thanks so much for another fine track from you. +1
Fantastic Wade, sounds great, nice to get your sax on this one, super !!! What an upgrade!! :W:D Have a good trip Wade, careful on the airline toilets! :O haha+1
February 15 2019 13:21:39
Wade Ha! I know what you mean about airline toilets. I wonder what fat people do?

So good to be back on another track with you. Hopefully will pick a magic box sound next time that is a better fit.
February 15 2019 13:57:34
Ernie440 Fat folx squish themselves in I guess, haha not a pretty picture. .. plane toilets are horrendous. Was on a nite flight in Nov and saw a couple young women go in and out of the washroom in their sock feet .. and the floor in there was just absolutely disgusting, covered with liquid. What the hell!!
magic box huh ... :)
February 16 2019 01:55:55
Wade Magic box = effects. Still magic and a mystery to me. A trick! Now you hear a sax...now you don't. Abracadabra! +1
February 16 2019 02:47:19
Ernie440 Ok .. got ya!! :):) Like Peter's EWI ... all kinds of sounds that shouldn't be there .. haha Amazing! +1

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