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Eric stated in his description, "For the love of music". I am guessing because of the very long length. But for me Eric plays at a high level of Creativity for over 9 minutes which is Incredible and Inspiring. You can hear in his Creations, he Loves playing music!! I added 0:29-2:36, 3:07-9:27. Thank You Eric for sharing your Art!!!
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Fusion, Avan Garde, Jazz, sax


Oh yes, that's very cool and full of Creativeness !! Together you both sound fantastic. I hope for some inspiration, so I could come in with some odd stuff... :W+2
February 13 2019 18:13:50
Itocpogo Thank You so much Franky!!! I appreciate it my friend!!! I listen to many of your tracks and they inspire me a lot!!! +1
February 13 2019 21:36:54
frankyguitar Ohh, that's so nice Dan ! Thank you, what a compliment :) +0
Whooowww Dan!! what a beautiful emotional tone in the beginning, you persecuted with a narration and then comes back to me that emotion. The multi-voice play is fabulous. I really enjoy this !! What also makes me happy is that it is an older track of mine with which you make new music. Many thanks for that to my friend!!
p.s. I realy like these longer (9.00) pieces
February 13 2019 18:20:44
Itocpogo Thanks so much my Eric!!! I appreciate it so very much my friend!!!! My whole focus was from the inspiration from your Incredible music!!! I too like very longer tracks because it makes me focus on visualizing "segments" to find away to approach the music!!! THANKS for the time you put in too Creating Incredible music!!! +1
Hey Dan, that's great stuff. I'm delighted you're embracing the free element in this way. I like the delay you're using as it places the saxophone really nicely in the mix. You've not overpowered the track from Eric. I love the theme you create at the beginning and use as a reference point throughout. It gives the track some real stability. The use of the 2 tracks for your horns is excellent and allows for a conversation between them. I'm mightily impressed Dan. Maybe we should do a track together? I'll try and set one up....I'll call it 'Come in Dan' Best from me to you. Alex+1
February 13 2019 18:23:14
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Alex!!!! I am honored with your gracious comment!!! I look forward to doing a track together!!! +0
Dan, here you have done something wonderful! I'm excited. You play fantastically with Eric. And what I particularly like here, you leave here the "live" character and play deliberately digital. This allows for this fantastic polyphony of the saxophone. I mean, that's unique, at least in WL. It fully expresses your great ability. I hope you keep it up.+1
February 13 2019 18:24:28
Itocpogo Thanks so much, Rene!!!! I so much appreciate your so very kind words my friend!!!! Eric creates Incredible music, so very inspiring!!!! +0
The free impro sax job well!+1
February 13 2019 20:38:00
Itocpogo Thank You so very much, Mario!!!! i appreciate it my friend!! +1
Such great jazz brother Dan!! This is so cool my friend! :W+1
February 13 2019 20:38:44
Itocpogo Thanks so much Ernie!!!! I appreciate your very gracious comment my friend!! +1
what a fantastic collaboration! A fascinating work! The " the choreography " is absolutely great my friend:)+1
February 14 2019 19:58:30
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Peter!!! I so much appreciate your gracious comment my friend!! +1
Lenny Cowler
February 15 2019 15:44:26
Lenny Cowler
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Lenny!!! I appreciate it!! +1
Good to hear you jumping in the deep end and tackling this. Nice that you're giving consistency which is needed in a long and open track like this. This certainly suits you.+1
February 15 2019 15:43:33
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Wade!! I appreciate your gracious comment!!! +1
Cool jazz ambience exalted by your awesome lines! Fantastic Dan! :)+1
February 16 2019 19:41:10
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Stef!!!! I appreciate your gracious comment my friend!!! +1
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