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A fairly simple rock backing for some 70ies Rock - and DFD drum track fitted like a leather glove!!. It need a bass now, and then I would LOVE a singer to add to it, this one screams for a soulful mourning rock vocal. Please leave an HD file for mixing and PLEASE PLEASE leave a little space for a solo please :D For the technical minded: I recorded 3 separate tracks in one go each, every time changing the tone/pickup ...
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Hey TG this good very good :W ;)+1
February 16 2019 18:35:05
TeeGee Thanks :) I was actually thinking about you when I recorded, you always make these simple but cool backing tracks that are so fun to play to so I wanted to make something similar :W +1
February 16 2019 18:40:35
adu Yeah! :W Templates hören sich dann doch für den Ersteller langweilig an, aber wenn es mit leben gefüllt wird merkst du das es nicht langweilig war ! Besser wie jeder Daumen ist ein remix! ;) +1
This is a great rock template!

Many claps claps :W
Love the title, I love the mood and love the sound of those unrepeatable years that I have lived! Great Rock track TG! :)+1
Great one, Tee! :)+1
Really great TG!! Sounds really so much 70' :W :D :W
Feel me much younger L:DL
It sounds fantastic. Great creative idea and implementation. Big compliment. Also thanks for the description!:)+1
I like classic Rock!+0
Rock on Teeg :)+0
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