Crumbling Walls

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Crumbing Walls...... Trapped beside these crumbling walls their words still whisper Messages and letters, never to be found We hold a light up to the darkness, as if it matters But all that we can hope to do is illuminate our fall... Here we stand...beside these crumbing, crumbling walls. Hung upon the wings of time are prayers forgotten A thousand voices in the night, waiting to be found The lines and cracks upon the ...


Really man, really? The fk you doing to my brain. I didn't know we have that kind of vocals here at Loops. I heard Km, Guadaña, shum, Catruett, DrStrg, Major, Lenny, Erwan, Axen, Farnham, but this is out of the box. And if this is your first vocal recording - respect man. If not - fkn respect man🍺 Nobody told me. N that's sad+4
March 23 2019 03:48:18
Acousticeg I've done backup vocals for the lead singers in a few bands I have played out with.. But never any lead vocals except with friends when we've all had to much to drink. lol Thanks my friend for the kind words. +1
March 28 2019 01:44:38
SupJax Haha, a little rude, but I always go for my thoughts, it's more real. Who doesn't like real words? There you go :) +0
Every glass in my house shattered. I happen to like your vocals. "The Word" is a Wikiloops classic. Nice falsetto! I can also tell you sing from the diaghram and breath properly.+3
February 20 2019 00:38:51
KMstar reminds me of the guy from Helloween, I was always was impressed by his sound +2
I wish I could sing like that, great job! I would love to see the lyric sheet to this and an HD track+2
February 20 2019 21:23:42
Acousticeg Will post the lyrics and maybe an HD vocal track. +1
February 20 2019 22:50:59
KMstar if you post the HD I will try a better bass line and if it I can pull it off maybe some backup vocals, I am about 2 octaves lower than you, might work, might not, but if it works ok, I will give it a solid attempt and post it :D +0
Sweet vocals man+2
February 20 2019 21:22:23
Acousticeg Thanks I'm glad you liked it.!:W +0
Love it <3:W+2
February 20 2019 21:21:21
Acousticeg <3 +0
top ten vocals! <3:W+2
February 20 2019 21:21:02
Mika Tohve
Acousticeg Thanks Mika! +1
Totally awesome vocals AC only wish my voice could get that high :W<3:W+2
I like your voice better than the dude in Dream Theater. Great pipes.+2
March 23 2019 04:43:11
Acousticeg Dream Theater is one of my favorite bands. James LaBrie has a really good voice. My favorite vocalist and band are Russell Allen of Symphony X. +0
Yeah! Great harmonies and execution! Best way to get a better mix is to add a solo track so someone can tweak it. Really to my ears... global gain would do it- The main trick is to push all the inputs to right at the clip, then EQ and mix from there. Cheers!+2
Crazy great! :W+2
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