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A jam near the pop touching the chill out. I have recorded with D'Angelico Excel guitar and my forgotten Yamaha Silent. In this case, I have used Ozone plugins for equalization in tracks and some delay and in mastering only compression, maximization and imager to open the stereo. Sorry mistakes :) It's complicated to use so many new tools, but I like the result. I have left a lot of room to add all kinds of instruments. I hope you ...
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Chill Pop


Brilliant template Andri! I love it!<3+1
February 22 2019 15:13:02
Andri Thank you Dee. Hard work :( +1
Beautiful Andri<3+1
February 22 2019 18:47:37
Andri Thank you !! <3 +0
Cool Template Andri;)+1
February 22 2019 19:41:49
Andri Thank you Charli! Glad you like it <3 +0
Beautiful template and a fabulous guitar-sound! :) and have a good time with Sandra <3:D+1
February 23 2019 11:24:51
CI Section
Andri Thank you Martin. Hard work this template. Above all balance the sounds and synthesizers went a little bit of volume.
Glad you like it <3
Simply brilliant work - love it!+1
February 24 2019 10:00:49
Andri :D <3 +0
Wow, nice one Andri!! :W+1
March 12 2019 20:13:13
Andri :)<3 +1
Ahh, yes, a very nice track !! Sounds super :) :)+1
March 12 2019 21:02:48
Andri :):) +1
Great Andri :)+1
March 13 2019 00:06:24
Andri Thank you dear friend. Glad you like it :D +1
March 13 2019 07:48:26
Lenny Cowler
Andri :D +0
The result for my ears is an excellent template! open to all the musicians who want to join with a soft chill out environment ... you must play the Yamaha Silent! :) Top ten sound friend!+0
February 22 2019 18:46:21
Andri It is hard work studying the sound of each instrument, but in the end it is worth the result. I hope you play with your fretless sound.
Yamaha sound is pretty :)
February 22 2019 22:43:40
GlezBass #158294 the fretless bass...enjoy it with Sandra! +0

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