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Think it was three years ago that this track "Mid Term" was born and got so many cool evolutions. Tried something like that track again but with a twist of course. Played it with a clicktrack and tried to keep it as tight as i could to make it playable for a drummer! Hope this can become cool too! Started with the syncopic rhodes and played the parts in between with the rhodes at first too but did those parts again with some ...


Lol! Like I'm going to ignore this track! Bookmarked!!! :) Love it!+2
February 24 2019 16:47:55
Marceys Hahaha, couldn’t resist it! Tried sunglasses on the Mid Term but you spotted it! :) Glad you did, have fun with it! +2
February 24 2019 18:02:00
Tofzegrit Waiting for Martin :) +2
February 25 2019 08:59:38
mpointon :) I'll be on this one after work today! +1
The secret recipe :)+2
February 24 2019 22:59:43
Marceys :W:Y:W +0
February 25 2019 15:46:59
mpointon :D :D +1
Fantastic track Marc! :W+2
February 26 2019 14:30:38
Marceys Thanks a lot Ernie! Jump in with your cool bass! :) :W +1
February 26 2019 14:39:12
Ernie440 Welcome .. I did do it and try to play cool but didn't get much sleep last night with the wind blowing .. was thinking about that pineapple! :O +1
February 26 2019 14:43:44
Marceys Oh man, think it’s time to get a group together and hunt that dirty pineapple down! It is effecting our personal space now! He picked the wrong guys to fool arround with! Let’s make a salad of him! +1
February 26 2019 16:08:07
Ernie440 A fruit salad .. :O :D +1
coole Musik ;o)+1
February 24 2019 09:02:14
Marceys Es braucht noch viele Ergänzungen, um wirklich cool zu werden. :) +1
Irrestibly funky+1
February 24 2019 09:02:32
Marceys :Y;):Y +1
Love it! Very funky :)+1
February 24 2019 09:03:30
Marceys Hey! Good to see you again! Glad you like it Mark! :) +1
Beautiful Marc<3+1
February 24 2019 09:04:25
Marceys Thank you very much, needs a drummer now to get it more playable! :) Let's cross fingers... :) +1
Great Marc!!+1
February 24 2019 09:04:52
Marceys Thanks a lot Mario, enjoyed it again! +1
super marc,,waitig for some funky professional basline :D+1
February 24 2019 09:05:33
Marceys haha, and the bassplayer is waiting for the drummer.... :) Glad you like it! :) +1
February 24 2019 14:22:11
Ron1967 Eerst de basgitaaar dan rammel ik er gezellig beatje op ;-) +1
Lots of movements that will allow others to shine. I expect to see heaps of downloads and a big tree following this.+1
February 24 2019 09:07:34
Marceys That would be great indeed! The parts in the track are very different so hopefully there are musicians who can find their mood in there! +1

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