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Evocative blues from deezee that sounds like last call to me. Sopranino comes in at 2:22 and ends at 4:00. Lots of room for others to grab a last drink with us.
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Blues/jazz top ten quality on the sax Wade!+1
February 27 2019 02:36:50
Wade Thanks so much Mario. I appreciate your listen and comment. +1
Just wish I’d have arrived before the other drummer, sure would like to have had a play and a few drinks with this band and in this club....ooh man that’s such a sweet sax...don’t ever tell me different.... you Ooze class<3+1
February 27 2019 02:38:39
Wade Closing this bar I could be oozing ouzo. Thanks PJE. Yea, wish you were on this one too. +1
very nice add to a subtle and soft blues tune :)+1
February 27 2019 02:39:49
Wade Yea, I like this one too...tired old man tempo! Cheers OliVBee. +1
This is fantastic Wade love the sax add. I was just wondering if two saxes might work on this one. Yours and one I have in mind, not mine lol. I can't play sax lol Thank you<3<3<3+1
February 27 2019 02:34:56
Wade All thanks to your fine template deezee. Glad you like. Plenty of room for others. I don't think piling another sax on top of my playing would work unless they were playing (now) to fit in. To my ears a different voice (instrument) would give more interest and contrast. So many fine guitarists here that could fill those holes. +0
fantastic Wade,<3<3+1
February 27 2019 02:40:19
Wade Thanks Xavi. I really appreciate the listen and comment. +1
Classy jazzy sax ... right on the money, nice Wade! .. happy Bluesday! :W:D+1
February 27 2019 02:50:01
Wade Thanks Ernie! I got bluesday right again! It's Wednesday here, so a bit confusing. +1
February 27 2019 13:15:51
Ernie440 Keeps ya on yer toes!! :D +1
Smooth as hell, lovely adds+1
February 27 2019 02:50:43
Wade Cheers Vladdh! So good of you to check it out and comment. Welcome in these parts anytime!!! +0
February 28 2019 00:22:49
Lenny Cowler
Wade Thanks Lenny. +1
Well done Wade!! :)+1
February 28 2019 00:23:05
Wade Cheers Alby! +1
Listening to this I want a last drink right now (2 pm in the afternoon) :)+1
February 28 2019 00:25:23
Wade If it makes you feel better for that last drink it's midnight here (in Australia) when it's 2 PM your time. As always having you stop by is always a pleasure. Thanks Marc. +0

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