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Time for another of Andri's quirky/free jazz tracks. I've tried to sound like I'm backing his free lines and was in there before him and providing contrast for him to play off of.
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March 01 2019 23:27:25
Lenny Cowler
Wade Thanks Lenny. Will have to start picking tracks without drums so you can get in there. +0
Beautiful wade,perfect ad<3+3
March 01 2019 23:28:29
Wade Can you hear a bass line for this? Maybe?...please? Cheers. +1
March 02 2019 05:19:24
khangurumc I have already done a bass part for this one in the past:D +1
March 02 2019 23:12:58
Wade Unfortunately I tend to download the first take I hear and then take ages to record and edit, so don't hear great adds like yours when recording. The dissonances I used here means that fitting other tracks on top may not work. I'd have to record again using your chord references, or you would have to re-record and use mine? Maybe next time? +1
March 03 2019 02:07:49
khangurumc yes I will work on this:) +1
March 03 2019 23:34:30
Wade Would be great. No problem if it doesn't show up. Maybe it would push me to go back and add to yours. All good! +0
Like a hazy dream...Very nice Wade:)+3
March 01 2019 23:29:18
Wade Too easy for me to be in a fog. Which way is up? Cheers Acousticeg. +0
Delicate playing! Sounds great!

Bit of Pink Panther ambience! :)
March 01 2019 23:31:33
Wade Thanks Marc. Wasn't thinking Pink Panther, but can hear it now! +0
sweet swing tango'ing in a swirl motion :)+2
March 01 2019 23:30:41
Wade As you'd know I'm totally dependent on having a template that works for me to add to. Full credit to Andri. Thanks OliVBee. +1
Such a cool touch that really comes off beautifully ,,,,many times I hear and feel hints/tones of eastern enchantment when you play<3<3
Some great comps from cool company below too!!!says it all
March 01 2019 23:34:28
Wade Good ears! It seems that my "style" often uses oriental modes/scales along with film noir and other movie-like storytelling. Thanks PJE. +1
Wave have tried to sound like backing his free... and he has perfectly achieved that effect.

I love the sound off off of your sax and how it contrasts with the sharpness of the guitar. Excellent work. Excellent ending 3.58...> <3<3
March 01 2019 23:35:27
Wade All due to your excellent template. Such an inspiration! +0
via wikiloops radio
Wow, this is a special track from both of you. Very very cool!!+1
March 01 2019 23:36:45
Wade Thanks TeeGee! Yea, it's got a bit of that 1950s cool vibe. Dust off the beret and join us at the beatnik cafe! +0
Excellent jam on the sax, creative lines.... so cool+1
March 01 2019 23:37:17
Wade Thanks so much Mario! Lots of room in here for a bass. +1
Yeah :W

This track could be in the background of a movie, for sure!

Awesome jam :)
March 01 2019 23:39:11
Wade Thanks so much magirtiko. Good ears! Yes, it has a storytelling vibe that would work as a soundtrack. +1
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