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Here is another 70ies style riff which is really fun to jam along and solo (which I will surely do once we got bass and drums on it). Inspired by legendary band Free, which I am a HUGE fan of. Played through my tube amp, and then with a microphone to the USB interface and into the computer. I really think it sounds much better in the room than in the recording, must be the microphone...Anyway, would love some drums, ...
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free, 70ies rock, kossof


you snagged that sound solidly, TG. sweet meditation in sound that really grabs the ear and holds it. enjoyed your delivery here.<3+2
June 07 2019 17:15:38
TeeGee Thanks Anne :) +1
Rocking template TG! :W :W+1
March 05 2019 09:11:32
TeeGee LOl I was thinking you might like this :) +1
Superb. Tee! Love it. Great template <3+1
March 05 2019 09:11:05
TeeGee Thanks, man ! +0
That is a cool track TeeGee! Gonna try something on it if you don't mind.+1
March 05 2019 09:10:51
TeeGee Thanks Marc. Mind?? You must be joking :D What ever anybody here does is fine - on one condition: You have to have fun regardless of the outcome :W +1
cool track bro+1
March 05 2019 09:11:47
TeeGee Thanks man! +1
Love it TeeGee!!<3:):W:Y+1
March 05 2019 17:46:48
TeeGee :) +0
I will follow the Marc and Mark :)+1
Great template Tee!!! :W:D+1
super TeeGee:W:W:W+1
love this riffing:)
bravo bravissimo TeEGEE!!
March 08 2019 21:10:45
TeeGee :W +1

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