Skimming Stove: 2nd Watch Fat Rise

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It is difficult to play creatively for almost 9 minutes and to be dedicated to create multiple improvised lines that fit perfectly with no drum support and Eric does it with Love and Class. I have no idea what a “Skimming Stove” is!!! I looked into it and as I started playing I became entrenched in a 3 step process of “skimming” food which led to creating 3 tracks to capture my reaction to that process: Skimming Stove: 1st Slowly Simmer Skimming Stove: ...
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Avant Garde, Free, Jazz, Bass, sax


That's very interesting! I think that the atmosphere in this second recording is different than in the first one. But I can't say why:|:|I will certainly listen to this trilogy a few more times!+1
March 07 2019 16:05:54
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Peter!!! I appreciate it my friend!!! All who play music learn what gives them inspiration and confidence. For me, I knew at 18 that I would always be "OK" but not good enough to make a living playing to like my Jazz Heroes, and I learned that for me to improve I had to constantly practice and play because it gave me confidence even if I really had no idea how to learn"quickly" new licks, etc. The constant practice "sometimes" even surprised me when I played gigs. So now I just know I want to play differently on a trilogy like this with really not planning how and if it works at all for my own standard I attribute it to constant practice because that is my preparation save haven. That is me but other musicians have other methods. +1
March 07 2019 19:51:38
ericblom you speak wise words Dan. +1
Incredible game and those superb double lines!+1
March 07 2019 16:06:41
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Stef!!! I so much appreciate your gracious comment my friend!!! +0
again... Dan soul !!!! great dialog with you second voice (alter ego?) from 4 min on :W:D brilliant, man!Wowooo+1
March 06 2019 16:31:56
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Joao!!!! I appreciate it my friend and I am honored you listened to all 27 minutes. +0
What a nice comment from Ernie. heel complimentary. Sometimes it seems so common that things happen but this is very special. Beautiful music is created !! Your solo / melody is like ... I do not know how to discribe... It's Jazz Dan !! thanks my friend !!+1
March 05 2019 20:30:18
Itocpogo Thank You, Eric!!!! The GREAT Duke Ellington said "there are 2 types of music: good music and bad music. +1
Very cool Dan, you and Eric have a thing going here, definitely avant-garde jazz, your sax takes me back to falling asleep to late night strange jazz on the FM radio stations when I was a teen and younger. So groovy, nice bro!!!+2
March 05 2019 18:26:27
Itocpogo Thank You so much, Ernie!!!! I appreciate it my friend!!! Yes, I remember those late night listening sessions!!!! After a gig decades ago, the drummer and I went to my house and listenedd to Coltrane's new release the album "Ascension" +2
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