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What an absolutely beautiful track from mis amigos Julio y Xavi, muchas gracias:) Fantastic drums from DD:W I hope I added to the depth of this track with my "simulated" synth string section. I feel the violins fit with Xavi's playing in the middle section which sounded so much like a violin. Thanks for the HD Xavi, it made mixing much better. I hope you enjoy.....


<3<3<3 this is what makes me feel that you and I could not lose the connection, two soulmates in feelings, a sincere musical and personal friendship :W:W Live Rock,I love your Music,amigo Ron+3
March 05 2019 02:32:00
mortheol Xavi I am so happy you enjoyed this:D
You and I are true soulmates my friend;)
March 05 2019 21:25:52
ivax :W:W <3 +1
synth strings sound awesome! :)+2
March 05 2019 01:19:53
Major 3rd
mortheol Thanks Craig, sometimes they can come across sounding pretty fake. This VST for my synth sounded pretty good to me:D +1
March 05 2019 01:20:44
Major 3rd
Major 3rd killer ...very good sound..;O) +2
March 05 2019 02:33:45
mortheol Claudia vielen dank<3:D
Your bass add to this is absolutely powerful and amazing:W
March 05 2019 02:34:24
jamlady thank you so much!<3 +2
friend rum this is beautiful, it makes me very happy that you join the song, thank you very much for this spectacular complement<3:D:W+2
March 06 2019 23:53:10
mortheol Thank you very much Julio:)
You made a wonderful track<3
Great choice, fits the song very well ... enjoyed the listen very much :)+2
March 06 2019 23:53:42
mortheol Thanks Rob:)
I am happy you enjoyed the listen.
Very very cool music:D:D+2
March 06 2019 23:55:16
mortheol Thanks Dave:)
I may be stuck on my keyboard for sometime to come. I am suffering a bad issue in my elbow and playing guitar is out of the question. I cannot play it for more than 5 minutes and the pain is too much:(
March 08 2019 07:41:11
davidaustin Tennis elbow? +0
Nice and delicates fits Love it! <3+2
March 06 2019 23:56:07
mortheol Thank you very much Andri;) +0
Beautiful music by you all wonderful enhance Ron <3+1
March 06 2019 23:56:54
mortheol High Peter, I enjoy doing this type of music and going outside my comfort zone:) +1
Fantastic Ron! Very beautiful Sounds! ;)+1
March 06 2019 23:57:40
mortheol Hi Hugo, thank you very much for the compliment:) A beautiful track from this fine band:D +1
Completely great done Ron! Fantastically beautiful how you catch the mood with the strings and amplify it wonderfully. Excellent. A fantastic track where everybody gave everything. 😍😍🤟👍+1
March 06 2019 23:58:53
mortheol Thanks Franky:)
I may be on the keyboards for sometime my friend. Guitar playing has become very difficult and painful now with my bad arm:(
But maybe I get better on my keyboardB)
March 07 2019 09:56:29
frankyguitar Yes, it's also a chance to get better with the Keyboard Ron. :) +1
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