Back Porch Drinkin'

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Super cool Bluesday mornin' !! Thanx very much fellas for this super tune, love it !! Blues is out of my comfort zone, even though I love this !! Hope you can like my attempt :D
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Bluesrock, frenzie, Ernie, Demian, franky


Great sleazy, dirty blues. Feel like I'm in a bar down South sippin' bourbon!+3
March 06 2019 14:42:06
mortheol true Dan;)
Maybe a little Moonshine to be in the true South;)
March 06 2019 16:11:33
frankyguitar Thanx very much Dan! 🤟 Cool picture, thank you 😁 +1
Awesomeness Frank:W
I agree with Dan...this is some down and dirty swamp blues:o
Blues is all about feeling...just let it go, for me if you overthink the blues it comes off fake:W
Super Playing!:D
March 06 2019 16:19:17
frankyguitar Thank you very much Ron! I really agree about the blues. But some serious playing skills are really helpful 🤣. Think I have to improve that. But with fun and passion :W :D +1
Wow Franky your fantastic guitar add works great.:W:W:W I love it!!<3+2
March 06 2019 14:20:42
frankyguitar Thank you very much Dorothy !! I have more to learn in that blues stuff :) +1
What a grind!!:):) that's some serious business on the axe franky!!:):)+2
March 06 2019 16:22:04
frankyguitar :W thank you very much Tom! I’m happy you can like it :D
You really an awesome player:W
March 06 2019 20:56:43
frenzie Well you can do some mayhem on that axe franky :D +1
March 06 2019 21:02:24
Down, dirty and gritty, perfect for this ditty!! I'm a poet! Thanks for joining Franky and you just earned another beer, buddy!! Sounds wicked!! :O :D+2
March 06 2019 16:28:14
frankyguitar Lol 😂, yes, you should write some blues lyrics Ernie!!
Thanx for the beer, I’m always thirsty:D
Much fun to jump in!! :W
March 06 2019 18:38:52
Ernie440 I probably should!! haha Thanks Franky .. and as that great quote from Ben Franklin said .. "Beer is proof that God loves us" :D:D +1
Back Porch Bluesing to go with this great band Boozing ....YEAHey franky, Tom...Ernie...Demian:W:W:W:W+2
March 06 2019 16:54:20
frankyguitar Thank you very much Peter !! This was a challenge and a great fun at the same time :W :D :W +2
WOW...!!!!!!! Very cool blues playing, Franky!!!!!! Filled with melodic cool flowing "stories". So GOOD!!!!!+2
March 06 2019 17:21:40
frankyguitar Thank you very much Dan !! I tried some blues again. I love blues, but I'm not really a blues guitarist. I'm only an old fellow who has fun with music :D :W :D +2
March 06 2019 17:51:50
Itocpogo So am I!! It is all about enjoying the music!! +1
Yeah Franky!!! Thanks man, so good you add that super guitar here, great feeling and dirty sound. Perfect in the style. This is not about playing skills (you have it), is about friends drinking some beer and enjoing to play music!!!:Y+2
March 06 2019 20:58:47
frankyguitar :D :D Thanx very much Demian !!! I'm really happy you like it too !! And yes, some beer and making music together is the best thing :W :W +2
You say the blues is out of your comfort zone. However, great playing like this is right dead center in your comfort zone buddy-great job-love it-man, what a crew on this!!!:W<3:W
March 06 2019 20:59:42
frankyguitar Keith my friend, you make me happy. Thanx very much :D :W :D +2
Oh yes bring it on<3+1
March 06 2019 14:21:13
frankyguitar Thank you so much solo !! :D +0

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