It's Suddenly Sunrise

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This is actually a remix of 156028 with sax in backing role. Already had too many for another add, so went this route. A wonderful track by OliVBee and Shi vocally soothing us. Backed in this version by Marceys, rp3drums, and Ernie. Hope it gives you an Ahhhh moment.


love this song in all variants and you made it more gentle and beautiful. enjoyed a lot!<3+2
March 08 2019 22:50:07
Wade Thanks so much jampikus! Looking forward to being on another track with you. +1
Fantastic play Wade. Fits perfectly.Very nice!+2
March 12 2019 03:49:45
Wade Hey WHITEPONGO! Thanks for stopping by for a listen. Much appreciated. +0
cool idea :) always nice to hear this song again ! your sax is velvet ;)+1
March 08 2019 07:33:52
Wade Once again all due to your fine track and how it inspired all of us. Glad you like...but I also know you're a sucker for the sopranino...Ha! +1
March 08 2019 10:06:56
FrankMil Lovely track Oli +2
Sounds great Wade!! Smoooooooth... A very pleasant listen at 4 in the morn. Nice surprise to see myself listed here as well haha, always glad to get you on a jam I've done :)+1
March 08 2019 20:24:20
frenzie you are the mysterie guest :O +1
March 08 2019 22:46:34
Wade I'm sure glad to be in here with you. Sorry that the thread didn't include you as past a number of adds it cuts off. +1
March 08 2019 23:00:44
Ernie440 haha .. no problems .. not being listed on a track .. least of my worries in this life .. :) I read the description, so I know what happened .. (max six at this time) LOL +1
March 08 2019 23:06:26
Ernie440 haha Tom!! :D +2
super sax!!! :W:)+1
March 08 2019 22:47:15
Wade Thanks so much for the listen and comment jjdf. Always a pleasure to have you stop by. +1
A very colourful backing role. A significant add. Brilliant wade+1
March 08 2019 22:49:17
Wade Cheers Frank. I'm still blown away by your recent bass add (155911). Man you're really a great bass player. +1
Beautiful sax playing Wade, soft and colorful :)+1
March 08 2019 22:52:53
Wade Thanks Franky. I just love this track and was wanting another chance to play along. +1
sounds great and such a great song+1
March 08 2019 22:54:06
Wade Very kind of you axenvocs. Yea, it was hard for me to stay away from this great tune, so jumped on it again. So glad yo like. +1
Very smooth play and stepping in this track as it is your own jacket! Great play! Did you upload it at the right spot i’m hearing Ernie “The Glue-man” in here too! :) :)+1
March 08 2019 22:56:41
Wade Because to too many adds I couldn't upload at that spot on the branch, so faked it as an upload on an earlier track and credited Ernie in the explanation at the top. Not sure if there is another way to do this? +1
March 09 2019 09:14:26
Marceys Of course, sorry bout that! Didn’t notice the tree was full.... :) +1
well what a lovely surprise to hear that sweet sopranino sound gliding through this track. Lovely work Wade :) Big thumbs from me+1
March 08 2019 22:57:34
Wade I just love playing tracks with you and always hope that it's not in any way detracting from your fine singing. +1
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