Magic Beans...Hipnotic Wind

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Andri has composed an real trance inducing track and titled it appropriately..sorry about my title. Sopranino added and hopefully not detracting. So enjoyable working with his creative tracks.


Nice Wade. Really great atmosphere here to my ear.+3
March 12 2019 22:37:16
Wade All credit to Andri for the atmosphere. Just glad to be in here and OK. +2
🎶🎶🎶 <3+3
March 12 2019 22:37:49
Wade Thanks magirtiko! +1
A lot of wonderful moments you create together. Excellent sax playing Wade. Beautiful listen. :)+3
March 12 2019 22:40:31
Wade Thanks so much Franky. This sort of track speaks so easily to me. +0
Oh Wade, what a nice comment, thank you very much. I love what you have done. You have added a beautiful sound inside something complicated and fitted perfectly. I think we have super connected on this track like so many others. I love how they come together and find the sound of the sopranino and the guitar. Thank you very much for your excellent contribution. It seems that we had the score. Very, very, very good job From <3+2
March 12 2019 22:39:22
Wade All due to your fine track that inspired. I might return to this some time in the future as I think I can do it better. +1
March 13 2019 00:08:26
Andri I'm sure you could, but what you've done, for me, is very good +1
lovely tune!!!! :W:D+2
March 12 2019 22:40:56
Wade Cheers jjdf. So kind of you to check it out and comment. +0
Lovely and smooth Jack and the Bean Stalk sax on this one .. those magic beans inspired you apparently. Which reminds me .. time for making a late winter pot of baked beans .. maybe inspire some hypnotic wind .. :D:D+2
March 12 2019 22:50:03
Wade Actually the wife made a big pot of Indian style Lentils. Excellent blowing material. Different embouchure though. +1
March 13 2019 12:58:40
Ernie440 embouchure .. hahaha Indian lentils .. nice! Lentils are somewhat gassy .. I like em! My wife makes fried lentil patties with fresh ginger, garlic, onions, etc.. they're tasty. Baked beans are a whole different category though, keep you awake and in pain if you overdo it LOL Chick peas are different again .. they cause a fresh airy gas with a light pain free bloat!! :D:D:D +1
You Beautifully caught the flavour of this “float you away” muse - knowing when, what and where to play is your gift Wade<3+1
March 12 2019 22:43:40
Wade Good ears (as usual). It's about adding to the mode and mood. This was good on its own. One has to be very careful and act like you're handling something precious. +1
That's a cool track, very mellow and the combination just works very nice! Got the mix volume balanced nicely too in my opinion :W+1
March 12 2019 22:45:04
Wade So kind of you TeeGee! I'm unfortunately hearing what I would have done differently. The sax needs more reverb to fit...oh well, next time. +0
Always this enveloping heat that characterizes you. Thank you for this moment of tranquility.
Good suitability of the title and the track :)
March 12 2019 22:47:58
Wade Wow! You get the "heat"? Yes, it's hot here (summer in the tropics). Also usually hot where Andri is in the Canary Islands. Amazing sensitivity you have for getting that. +1
March 13 2019 10:51:05
titi Warm track… Sorry ;) +1
March 14 2019 22:29:33
Wade No problem! A compliment is always gratefully accepted. Be good to yourself. +1
Funny ..I can hear creek winding over rocks down the hillside. Superb mood and playing as usual:W+1
March 12 2019 22:52:20
Wade Now where did you get that notion? Glad you like. +0
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