Two Dollar Bill

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United States
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bluvation228 jams
step I
United States
solozolo732 jams
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Great singing as always :W+1
March 14 2019 16:30:26
solozolo raise that hell thank u +0
Cool and fast :)+1
March 14 2019 16:30:08
solozolo Thank u +0
Well I feel as lucky as a two dollar bill having you on board buddy, Great song :W<3+1
March 13 2019 20:21:24
solozolo Thank you i love this boogie boogie stuff<3 +1
March 13 2019 20:24:16
bluvation Yeah! me too, always fun! thanks again buddy :) +1
Sometimes I feel as lucky ……As a two dollar bill
I just feel like going out on this town…..And raising hell
I might raise hell……But I like that way yeah…….
Because when I go out……I just like to raise hell
I feel just as lucky …….As a two dollar bill
Hiding in my billfold …..When I open it up it smell so dusty
Yeah I like to go out…….All over town raise hell
But I might give a damn ….
But I like to go out and be a man…I like to go out raising hell
And only the devil himself will know where I am at
Raising hell all over town…..Talking about everyone I know
I can’t get enough of raising this hell
So if I was to die tomorrow…They all remember me
They say he the man that always came out…..Raising hell all over town
I feel just as lucky…As a two dollar bill…..In my bill folder in the corner
\I open it up it just a little dusty inside….Ohhhh feel lucky like a two dollar bill
Love going out all over town…..Just to raise a little hell
And when I die and go to heaven……Everybody be talking about me
They say that the man that used to come out……Raising hell
Talking about everyone
Raising hell…..Feel lucky like a two dollar bill
That’s tuck away in my bill fold in the corner
And when I open it up…..It smells so musty dusty inside
Feel lucky like a tow dollar bill

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