Morning Flow

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Didn't set out to do this track but spotted it whilst downloading the other track I did today. A predictably clean and open track from Marc here and it took me a few goes on what to decide to play. In the end, went for up-tempo shuffle into half-time and then into jazz time for the red section. WD was ten minutes in front of me and he went almost exactly the other way round in approach. Spooky! Enjoy No reverb on the ...


In spite of your criticism it still flows nicely! Love the ghosts and the pushing four on the floor at the end.:D+0
great flow ! :)+1
March 18 2019 10:09:11
mpointon Thanks, Oli. In truth, it took a bit of judicious editing to get the flow :( I've not played much recently due to work and family stuff going on and the rust is really showing.

I nearly binned this add because it frankly just wasn't good enough and certainly not what I expect of myself! In the end, I knew I wouldn't get a chance to re-do it so I spent an hour putting straight what I could.

Just one of those days, I guess, where you're just not 'on it'.
March 18 2019 13:18:59
OliVBee although i very much understand what you're saying about expecting a degree of quality in your takes i certainly wouldn't want you to plain trash a take just because it needs a touch of editing ! there's no shortcut in a nicely produced song : every stage needs the proper amount of work ;) +1
Love it Martin! Think it is great to hear accents tofether with the keys and points where the drums carry on whilst the keys are breaking! Gives a great flow, a glueing bassplayer gotta take his instrument now! Thanks for your musical Martin!

I’m gonna get me a ficusrite octopre or a behringer ada8200 for some extra inputs to record my whole band. Any tips for that? The Behringer is half the price of the Octopre, i have a focusrite 18i8 and gonna use adat for it.
March 18 2019 10:05:46
mpointon Thanks, Marc. My mix is a little drum and kick heavy on listening back on another device - that's what the HD is for!

As for devices, I'd go Behringer - their kit is good and very cost-effective these days. I know the purists out there will go on about pre-amps, etc., but at this level, I wouldn't worry about it. There's no kit out there that's truly 'noisy' in my opinion. In the digital recording world, it's all about getting a good signal down with lots of headroom.

I use an ancient Terratec 8-in firewire interface which I use via an Apple Thunderbolt adapter into my MacBook Pro. Performs brilliantly with sub-10 millisecond latency. It's easily ten years old or more.

Your primary concern isn't just the interface, it's the drivers if you're using Windows. Check out reviews not just for the kit but the quality of the ASIO drivers. It's the reason I use a Mac: much as I hate to say it, the integrated Core Audio blows Windows out of the water, especially as you can create 'aggregate devices' which is multiple inputs from multiple devices presented as a single interface to your DAW! Love it.

I'm not saying Windows is bad at all, just that with Macs you don't have to fiddle about worrying about latency, etc..
March 18 2019 16:54:13
Marceys Hey Martin,

Thanks for your information! Very good to read that. I’m willing to spend more money when it is usefull but was doubting about that in this situation. Think the ada8200 will do the job just fine here. About the platform, i am lucky to have a Windows laptop as well as a Macbook Pro.

Gonna try some things and it would be great to get back to you when i have some drumrecording issues if you don’t mind!
Beautiful Martin<3+1
Very cool! Your approach works really well...switching the shuffle between the driving and then half-time feels. Beautifully done Martin <3 :)+1

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