Scarlett road

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CI Section215 jams
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Inkless357 jams
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Superb work on this track by CI , a lot of amazing creativity and originality , i was looking for more of this kind of track here ;) , my universe and kind of comfort zone ! I feel home here a lot of similar influences ... thanks a lot , fun to explore ! I add guitars and free royalty vocals parts i found on the net , i hope you will like it ... ... ...
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Porcupine Tree Steven Wilson Prog Rock


Wowowowow my friend!!! Excellent job! I love it! Really superb! <3<3<3+2
March 28 2019 06:44:25
Inkless Thanks a lot for listening Andri !! :) :) +1
nice work :) cool track !+1
March 28 2019 08:04:28
Inkless Merci OliVBee ! Superbe travail de CI Section, merci pour ton commentaire ! :) +2
:oBravo! Superbe intégration!:W+1
March 29 2019 18:30:18
Inkless Merci StJray ! :) :) :) +0
WOWOWOW!<3<3<3:W That's what I wanted to hear! Perfect add, awesome vocal (cool idea) and of course clever guitars (could be even a bit louder though:D). Good idea to add a part at the end. Could even imagine a following reprise of one of the previous parts or a a completely new part... ;)+1
March 29 2019 18:29:51
CI Section
Inkless Thats cool CI Section ! I want to do more songs like this with you ! .. Just let me know if you want to do something else ! Rock on ! :) +1
March 29 2019 22:19:21
CI Section
CI Section ok, it will take a little time, but I think we can do more of this!;):Y +1
wow! awesome work inkless:W+1
March 29 2019 18:30:43
Major 3rd
Inkless Thanks MJ3 ! :) +1
sounds good to me :)+1
March 29 2019 18:30:56
Inkless Hi Shi thank you ! :) +1
What an artist you are 😎😎 great job 😈+1
April 02 2019 02:19:17
Inkless Hey thanks ARNO ! :) +1
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