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April 09 2019 06:18:28
Blueberry I'm glad to have at least one loyal listener.:) +1
beautiful - great sound :)+1
April 09 2019 06:13:01
Blueberry Thanks René. Actually I don't want to make those floating sounding songs anymore (es muss endlich vorbei sein!!!:@) . At the moment for me is a constant search for (guitar) sounds. +0
April 09 2019 08:43:22
abuitremorem But you go from step to step: from success to success and know exactly what you want to hear :) I admire that! I've been searching forever for my guitar tone. Whenever I think, now it's good, it starts all over again. With every ad the same attitude sounds different again, often disappointing. I start all over again. Sometimes I convert the audios to midi and combine. I use midiguitar in real time and occasionally after recording melodyne. +0
April 09 2019 16:19:16
Blueberry Hello Rene. Nice to read we got the same struggles. For me the sound of a Fender in combinatie with organ is oké. I have problems with my red humbucker guitar. To much sustain. For me no midi guitar. I use a mini usb keyboard. +1
April 09 2019 21:17:58
abuitremorem Interesting. None of my guitars has too much sustain. SW amps could help - but so far I have not brought a really nice sustain.To make music, a keyboard is of course better, but to mix the guitar sound, my guitar with flamenco guitar or piano, etc., midi guitar is interesting for me. Surely that's a question of aesthetics :) +1
April 11 2019 00:15:36
Blueberry I use Amplitube 3 and 4 for recording. Never got a decent sound playing the humbuckers. I googled the SW amps but didn't get wiser. Believe it's a preamp? Sometimes i use a very old Marshall jmp1(?) preamp. It's a racing car. from 0 to 100 in less than 3 seconds. Not the sound i'm looking for. Hope you can help me. +1
April 11 2019 01:02:36
abuitremorem Exciting: my answer in the mail +0
Great, languorous guitar sound, lovely execution and some cool chord changes. Really well done.+1
April 09 2019 05:58:06
Blueberry Thanks DanDiplo. You are very kind to me. :) +0
Breaking the rules. The sound works good but it needs a rest in the arrangement. And the drums can't compare. In short, too much and a gap. :) :) cool job! Worth a listening. :)+1
April 09 2019 21:35:50
Blueberry Thanks for listening Neronick. I understand your objections but i did not made this track as a song with verse, chorus etc. Just four separate parts to jam on.I appreciate your critical notes.:) +1
Very coool!:W I like it a lot dude!! :)+1
April 10 2019 19:59:06
Blueberry Thanks Ernie. I appreciate :) +1
April 11 2019 16:53:50
Ernie440 :D +0
very very good Blueberry:W+1
April 10 2019 20:13:49
Blueberry Thanks peatric.:) +1
I think this one is terrific!+1
September 22 2019 00:20:24
Blueberry Thank you. I often pick up my guitar again at the end of the summer when the nights get longer. I've heard beautiful things from you. It would be nice if it contained a song. No guarantees because I am not a musician. +1
September 22 2019 03:04:32
marocon That tends to be my habit too - once summer is over I start doing more music. And you most definitely are a musician! I do love writing songs - will try my hand at this one, but as you say, no guarantees. +1
September 24 2019 00:42:58
Blueberry Don't worry i was playing around with your song "Running low on trees" and it became a real horrible mess. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose the challenge.For the moment I haven't given up yet. +1
cool track:)+0
April 09 2019 20:33:34
Blueberry Thanks petebass :) +1
Sounds super Blue. Nice mellow track, it's great :) :)+0
April 10 2019 23:12:22
Blueberry Vielen dank Franky.:) +1
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