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Another great track from Frenzie. This one feels like I just don't want to get up this morning...and I don't. Full day ahead of being on the end of a chainsaw...I'm tired already.


That sax knows what it means to play Blues! There's Blues even in your moments of silence! Really beautiful Wade! :)+2
April 11 2019 12:02:59
Wade Thanks Stef. Got to admit that I often play too much with the intention editing out a lot of stuff. You're so right: silence is important! +1
Blues at its best! You‘ll make it through the day! I will having your sax playin in mind:)+2
April 11 2019 12:12:45
Wade Thanks Mark. I did make it trough! So good of you to have a listen. I've got one of yours I've been holding on to for months. Just didn't do it justice. Notes OK, feel is to rough...when to find time to re-do? +1
April 12 2019 07:45:24
Liesching Lack of time is the story of my life. I guess we’re both scientist, right? So to say it in a positive manner: there so many other exting things to do in lifetime. :) Nevertheless I hope you will redo soon:). Best. Marc +1
April 12 2019 08:02:46
Wade Yes, I work in forestry science, so need to have a lot of patience. Am waiting for results of a research program that's taken nearly thirty years. Could be positive, or... one life wasted. There's an orchard to harvest in the meanwhile, wood to cut, other research etc., but the thirty year job is weighing heavily right now. +1
You are working so hard! I root for you Wade! Thnx for this wonderful saxophone my friend!!:):)+1
April 11 2019 11:59:02
Wade Ha, just trying to keep enough energy to play hard. This was laid back enough that I didn't have to try too hard. +1
April 11 2019 12:26:03
frenzie Hang in there my friend!!:):) +1
This is great Wade and your playing and lines underlines your description in an excellent way !!+1
April 11 2019 11:59:58
Wade Survived that day pretty well, thanks for the listen and comment Franky. +1
Super sax tone Wade, and what a wonderful way to say I don't want to get up this morning, Stef, who couldn't relate!+1
April 11 2019 12:04:44
Wade Hey bluesdog! Good to have you around. I survived my grueling day and am back to tell the tale! Glad you like the tone. Not a typical blues instrument, but hey if it works... +0
Great class!:)+1
April 11 2019 12:05:08
CI Section
Wade Cheers CI. Much appreciated. +0
cool blue sax :) nice togetherness !+1
April 11 2019 12:05:57
Wade Thanks OliVBee. This tempo is slow enough for even my old ears to comprehend! Ha!!! +1
April 11 2019 19:42:30
OliVBee haha don't try to fool me with age stuff ;) i perfectly know your ears give you perfectly valid informations from the many occasions we played together ! even stranger and more bizarre stuff (as in "out") get along quite well with your musicality :) +1
Wonderful musical expression and way to let your Sax do the talking:W+1
April 11 2019 12:07:29
Wade Ha! More like moaning about not wanting to get up. Thanks PJE. Glad you relate. +1
Beautiful Wade<3+1
April 11 2019 12:07:47
Wade So kind of you to give a listen. Cheers! +1
April 11 2019 12:08:15
Wade Thanks for coming round jjdf and checking it out. +0

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