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Enjoyed the counting till 6 in my head a lot Martin. 123456, 123456, Hope it is working this way and someone likes it. cheers, Marc


So cute! :)+1
April 14 2019 08:10:49
Marceys :) let the Toms do the working :) +2
123456 is Excellent
Grasshopper with a broken leg but keep on bopping with no matter :)
April 14 2019 08:17:47
Marceys Haha, picturing that grasshopper :) +0
April 14 2019 08:19:52
Lenny Cowler
Marceys Enjoyed it again Lenny, glad you like it! :) +0
Utterly brilliant, Marc! You totally got the feel and the red sections you countered the rhythmic illusion perfectly as the only clue it was still in 3/4 I left was the kick drum line. Love the synth solo too - definitely a bit of Tony Banks going on there! Superbly thought-out add! :)+1
April 16 2019 17:44:38
Marceys Hey Martin, very glad you like it! What was the reference to your drumtrack that you mentioned in your description?
Enjoyed it a lot!
April 17 2019 02:44:54
mpointon Thank you, Marc. There was no reference track but it was based on a track I played in a band in the '90s. It's the opening track of this video, if you're interested. I'm sure you can hear the similarities!

April 17 2019 02:50:16
mpointon A few facts with that video:
1) I had hair
2) The singer is the daughter of, now sadly deceased, Chas Hodges. For people in the UK, that's Chas of 'Chas and Dave'!
3) This band taught me dynamics and how to start and stop. This band was challenging but also a joy to play in.
4) The bass player was my best friend and my musical compadre at Musician's Institute. He died when he was 20 less than 5 months after this video, recorded in 1995. RIP Ben. This is the only recording I have of him.

But this is where the drum line of this template comes from.
April 17 2019 02:55:42
mpointon And yes, the kit in the video from 1995 is the same Yamaha kit I play to this day on Wikiloops! +1
April 17 2019 21:19:43
Marceys That was a joy to watch and listen to Martin! Very professional setup. More than 20 years ago, great to have stuff archieved so you can always listen and watch it again. Loosing people aren't but they are arround us indeed....
When a drum-kit is to your satisfaction it doesn't need to be replaced and your kit sounds fantastic....
April 17 2019 21:22:04
Marceys [youtube]A4ZUkuu-k84[/youtube]

an oldie from my collection
April 18 2019 11:27:37
mpointon Nice band! Exactly the sort of thing I like to play in. And you have a percussionist too - makes a hell of a difference! +1
April 18 2019 15:31:27
Marceys I do not play in this band anymore! Was a lot of fun with these guys and girls. We did a lot of gigs with this band! :) +0
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