Alf's Terms (Synth Remix)

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I really liked the track "Alf's Terms" and I felt it needed a little bit of synth to Casiopea-fy since it had the feel of a Casiopea track. So, that's what I did. Kudos to all the musicians who laid down tracks on this!
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Sure seem to know what you're doing here... perfect mix!+1
April 14 2019 12:17:59
MrMulti Thanks DrStrgeglv! This track itself did most of the work by the solid foundation laid down by Marcey, mpointon, Ernie440, and Tofzegrit. ^_^ +1
April 14 2019 21:10:43
DrStrgeglv Hard to go wrong with that lineup- smart move... Your track says you already get it. +0
Hey MrVirtuoso, your synthy lead is supercool! Timingwise and soundwise very smooth!
What kinda board do you play, or is it vst? Welcome to the loops and enjoy yourself! :)
April 14 2019 12:14:05
MrMulti Thanks Marceys, glad to be here! I actually recorded everything in Midi using Ableton Live 10 with my AKAI MPK249 midi keyboard. The great thing about this site is that you have to put BPMs on your tracks so it was easy to add my track. Just punch in the BPM for the song on the Global BPM in Ableton, drag the WAV file of the jam track onto an audio track and record. If you're curious, I used a plugin called "Syntronik" by IK Multimedia. The patch I used was "Sync Filt to Sine Light" which was a beefy sine wave that's good for soloing but not too harsh that it can sit in the background. I realize now that I could have turned the volume of my synth down a bit more lol. +0
April 14 2019 12:22:20
MrMulti Also fantastic track man! Loved your rhodes sound you used and the clav (I think) that you layered on top. I'm trying to learn more about fusiony chord progressions you used here lol. I'd like to pick your brain sometime:W +1
Fantastic Mr Virtuoso how you fit in the whole track, warm welcome from me too :)
But please, don’t step on my solo part :D
April 14 2019 12:07:04
MrMulti Thanks for having me :)! I thought I didn't step on your solo at the end. I made sure I didn't play anything since my synth (even while at that volume level) punched through everything. Are you talking about the change around 2:33? If so, my bad man ^_^. I could always redo it, as this was a first take kinda deal when I did it. The guitar you laid down was fantastic! I really loved that riff you did at 3:42 to 3:48! I was like I've gotta unison that lol:W! +1
April 14 2019 13:08:44
Tofzegrit Don’t worry it’s more a joke than a critic, I’ m a sarcastic but very nice guy :) +0
April 14 2019 13:43:32
MrMulti Oh lol that went woosh right over my head lol:D. I didn't want to step on any toes since I'm new to this site and community is all. Thanks again for the warm welcome brother! ^_^ +1
This is so Progressive, Rocking! :) :W :W :W+0
Excellent job Mr V.!! Sounds great, welcome to the loops! :W+0
April 15 2019 02:31:38
MrMulti Thanks Ernie, I'm glad I've found this site. +1
Excellent version :)+0
April 15 2019 02:31:01
MrMulti Thank you :D +0
cool feel and great sound :) welcome to wikiloops !+0
April 15 2019 02:28:24
MrMulti Thanks man! Just put a little sauce on it lol. The track itself was already great before I got here. +1
nice to have you with us at the loops MrVirtuoso, cool sounds you added here :)+0
Yep. Funky :Y :)+0
very very nice melodies and sound <3 Good job+0
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