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It is an extraordinary experience for me every time I can make music with my son:) When I worked myself into this pattern of Nikolas ("Niklas Thal"), a fantasy world developed. Some noises with the mouth, then with the EWI and a little bit of NAF. Have fun listening:)


Adopt me :)+2
April 22 2019 11:44:09
Pewi :D:D;) +0
at the beginning I was hoping you didn't hurt yourself(Your mouth any way)....Great Whistles and EWI-ing and NAF !!!!!:D+1
April 20 2019 18:10:57
Pewi many thanks for your visit:) It's all right, the teeth are still holding:D +1
Es tönt toll Peter:) Eigentlich müsste ich sagen, wunderbar, dass Du so einen Sohn hast, der mit Dir musiziert. Das trifft den Nagel aber nicht auf den Kopf :D, sondern: Du musst vieles sehr gut gemacht haben, dass das möglich ist :)+1
April 20 2019 18:12:41
Pewi Vielen Dank René, ein wirklich schönes, wenn nicht das schönste Kompliment:) Ich bin dankbar, dass das möglich ist:) +0
April 20 2019 18:54:41
abuitremorem Eben - weil Du viel richtig gemacht hast. Ich kann das beurteilen, denn bei mir funktionierte es nicht :D +1
April 20 2019 18:58:18
Pewi Das tut mir sehr leid. +1
April 20 2019 19:21:53
abuitremorem Danke :) +1
You definitely have a very talented son Peter. And he has obviously got it from his father. Great work my friend.:W+1
April 20 2019 18:13:39
Pewi many thanks for this great compliment and many thanks for your visit :) +1
This is a great composition, Pewi :)

One of those made for dreaming :Y
April 20 2019 18:14:23
Pewi Hi, thank you very much. What would life be without dreams? +1
April 20 2019 18:24:16
magirtiko 😝

That's why your song rocks :W

April 20 2019 18:30:56
Pewi :W:Y +1
very nice Pewi! great tune...nice efx voice adds nature this...:D+1
April 20 2019 18:20:43
Major 3rd
Pewi Thank you, also for your visit, I appreciate it.:) +1
Super tracks Pewi and it is cool you can work with your son!!!! It needs someone that can rap.:W+1
April 20 2019 18:51:12
Pewi oh yes, a rapp, that would be really cool! Many thanks for listening and the nice words:) +0
very very cool Pewi+1
April 20 2019 19:04:29
Pewi Thanks a lot:):) +0
Eure Welten gefallen mir ganz wunderbar, Peter! Ge-thumb-upped, ge-added, und down-ge-loaded :) Danke dafür :)+1
April 20 2019 19:06:16
Pewi Oh, das freut mich sehr! Auch Dir noch schöne Ostern:) +1
April 20 2019 19:19:28
wjl Danke, Dir/Euch auch! :) +1
Such a good add that further creates and defines the mood and feel. Well done!+1
April 22 2019 11:42:57
Pewi thank you very much! This template has received so many good additions, I'm really happy about it.:) +1

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