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Sorry about the title - Guess I'm dyslexic --- as this uses no click or musical crutch like drums --- no editing except some volume and panning changes as if I could adjust my self while playing with myself live in a live room setting


Need one of these! :@ [img][/img]+2
April 26 2019 22:39:13
Leftdaloops1019 No A Team Drummers touch Free Balling Tracks +1
April 26 2019 22:38:19
Leftdaloops1019 Actually I played the 1st track while listening to a talking youtube video -- I find that distracts my willingness to stop the track +1
April 26 2019 22:41:03
Leftdaloops1019 Speaking of Hot -- OutaHere Gotz to do the walk trot --Summer is here!:D +1
April 26 2019 22:41:48
eGiL ...sigh summer.... :O I want that as well! :O +0
It can be hard to get drums without a BPM. I know cause I have a bunch without drums as well. No one has time for improvisation. But that's what I like to do the best on guitar.:)+1
April 27 2019 13:52:50
Leftdaloops1019 It's so much work to have a drum track that limits where you should go and not go with the feeling at the moment! But having a drummer in the same room is a different story! +0
it's like 17/8 maybe!+1
April 27 2019 13:54:03
Mika Tohve
Leftdaloops1019 I can't even count to "17" but I do know what letter it corresponds to in the English language!:D Thanks for swinging by! +1
Wow, this is cool, I'll give drums a shot on this, maybe bass too...we'll see how it goes:Y+1
"Free falling"? Cool thing, Jim!+0
April 28 2019 00:37:57
Leftdaloops1019 Free Balling -- meaning going commando -- :D:D +1
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