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I buy a new looper (Donner Stereo DeLuxe) and I've made a live session in different layers .... record in one session ;) The beat is my inner cerebral time ;) layer 1 bass chords loop layer 2 harmonics bass layer 3 brushes play in bass pickups layer 4 bassdrum play in the bass pickups with hand BASS: Cort A5 bass with Chorus You see here the record loop session like that video ;)


this sounds nice Glez :)+1
May 05 2019 21:06:10
GlezBass thanks so much friend more sounds here #162968 :) +1
Que bonito Mario! Me encanta.
La cosa va de armónicos... precisamente estaba haciendo algo en ese plan. Has creado un bonito tema amigo. <3

What a beautiful Mario! I love.
The thing is harmonics ... I was doing something in that plan. You have created a nice theme my friend. <3
May 05 2019 21:06:47
GlezBass Gracias... sigue aqui #162968
Me llevare el looper a nuestra jam y lo flipas!! :o

La escobilla tocadas sobre la cuerda del bajo suenan del carajo vaya descubrimiento para el looper en vivo (made Glez sound ha ha ha)
May 05 2019 22:04:46
Andri Llegaste tarde jajajaja
You were late, hahahaha
May 06 2019 08:44:10
Andri :) +0
listening and breathing.
Good Mario.
May 05 2019 22:54:26
GlezBass thanks friend... you can choose to jamming here in the template or in the following one #162968 , if it's your taste, it's a loop made with looper for jammin! ;) +1
May 05 2019 23:34:43
Manimax with great pleasure +1
You put your heart and should into the Incredible music, Mario!!!! Sounds so good filled wit a cool calmness!!! Excellent my friend!!+1
May 06 2019 17:27:58
GlezBass thanks Dan! +0
sounds great Glez!!:D+1
May 06 2019 18:19:27
Major 3rd
GlezBass thanks Craig! the loopers are curious machines for musical creation and practice with yourself in real time! +1
May 06 2019 18:20:26
Major 3rd
Major 3rd true true! dwnl'd....see what happens maybe...great soul in the music...cheers +1
Beautiful playing my friend!<3+1
May 07 2019 00:31:41
GlezBass ;) +0
Very nice.+1

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